3 Reasons To Bring Merino Wool On Your Next Getaway

Packing is a dreaded chore for any would-be traveller, but there’s a not-so-secret travel hack that will lighten your luggage and leave you looking fabulous. Merino wool clothing is a sustainable, affordable, and packable option that’s durable enough to last trip after trip and can keep you comfortable in any climate. Unlike cotton or synthetic fabrics, Merino wool stays clean for weeks, so you only need one or two pairs of key pieces, keeping your focus where it belongs: On your trip. If you’re looking for tips on packing light, here are a few reasons that merino wool will upgrade your travel wardrobe:

It’s a Powerhouse

Looking to hit the gym or trails on your next trip? Merino wool shirts dry fast, aren’t stinky, and are lightweight. If you’re too rushed to change outfits between adventures, you’re in luck, because these shirts won’t wrinkle either, making you instantly ready for lunch, dinner, and everything else – especially if you get your hands on something like an Unbound Merino shirt, which has a straightforward, versatile design suited to just about any scenario. Wool is also a natural fibre, so it will adjust to your body’s temperature: When you’re hot, it keeps you cool; when you’re cold, it warms you up. Any article of clothing willing to pull double duty like that will definitely increase your luggage’s capacity, saving you room for bringing home awesome mementos instead of dirty laundry.

It’s Healthy

If you’re planning on spending time in the sun, merino wool is naturally UV-resistant, eliminating the need to stuff your suitcase with extra layers of protective clothing (though sunscreen is still recommended). But there’s another reason to pack a merino shirt or two: Wool has been shown to improve sleep quality, reducing the need to bring extra pyjamas and helping you refuel before your next destination.

It’s Affordable

It’s fun to stock up on a vacation wardrobe, but frequent travellers would rather throw their bags together and catch the next flight. Merino wool’s durability is essential for lifelong wanderers, because rather than spending hard-earned cash on disposable clothing, a few wool items will keep you (literally) covered for years. You only need one or two pairs of socks, underwear, and shirts and your go-bag is ready – no more scrambling to buy last minute, low-quality clothes.And before you go, there’s one more reason a thrill-seeking adventurer might want to start stocking up: Wool is rapidly becoming an environmentally friendly and innovative fibre, sought after by sports players and travellers worldwide, so not only would a wool upgrade save you storage space, but it’d contribute to the future of renewable clothing – a definite win.

Jet-setting around the globe should be easy, fun, and stress-free.You shouldn’t have to lug around a giant bag, just to visit a different part of the world. With its workhorse structure, health benefits and longevity, Merino wool clothing helps get your mind out of your suitcase and on your itinerary.

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