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Mission Clean & Lean is a 21 day postnatal programme for mum’s that want to detox, lose some weight and get back into exercising after having their baby. I was lucky enough to be able to try it out so I can let you all know how I got on.

The MCL Mama plan is a unique mentored fitness and nutrition programme open to women worldwide as it is operated entirely online (you will need a Facebook account to participate). The philosophy is clean eating and daily workouts to empower, invigorate and transform body and mind and help new mums feel like themselves again. Let’s face it, having a baby can be a big strain on body and mind.

The postnatal programme is not about weight loss (though I did manage to lose 10 pounds over the 3 weeks) but it’s about encouraging new mums to be kind to themselves and replenish their bodies after the stress of pregnancy and birth.

The daily meal plans are comprised of essential fats, vitamins and minerals essential for milk production and boosting energy levels. I had two babies 19 months apart and fell into the caffeine and sugar cycle to deal with the exhaustion so I know what it’s like! This plan is in no way designed to restrict calories, we actually encourage regular snacking throughout the day, we have lots of delicious and innovative (and most importantly quick) ideas. We want to remind mums to be kind to them self whilst nurturing their little one.

We completely understand the demands placed on womens’ bodies during pregnancy, birth and afterwards whilst feeding baby. Many women don’t know how soon to start exercising or at what level, or the best things to eat for energy, to combat tiredness and nourishing baby. We have created 21 daily workouts suitable from 6 weeks post natal following your doctors check and our thorough rec check to ensure the muscles of your abdominals have healed. We start off very gently strengthening and stabilising your pelvic floor and core. Please watch our video at www.missioncleanlean.com/mama to make sure you’re ready.

Rebecca x

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*I participated on the detox at no charge but all thoughts are my own.

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    • Thanks for your comment. I haven’t found it as hard this time around (second pregnancy) but still haven’t lost all the weight from the first! Oh well, will keep at it x

  • This sounds wicked! Now my milk has finally settled I think I can get losing the last few pounds! Thanks for sharing! 🙂 Well done with losing 10lbs xx

    • Thanks! As it was fairly early on and still establishing feeding, it felt like I was breastfeeding all the time – think that had something to do with it (and drinking lots of water). You look fab though, doubt you’ve got anything to lose! x