Mobile Phones – You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

I remember when I was 13, I had been given a little bit of extra cash as a treat. I hopped on to the train into York city centre with some friends. This was not unusual for a Saturday. I had £50 in my purse. I could have bought anything – £50 is big money to a 13 year old! Cordless phones were a big deal back in the day and you know what? I wanted one.

Mobile phones were fairly new, for ‘regular’ people and only a few people at school had them. So I wandered into a phone shop and bought my very first mobile phone. I felt so grown up and so excited that I would have my own – my parents weren’t particularly pleased that that was what I chose to spend my money on – I mean, I was 13! Getting a mobile at 13 these days, is probably quite ‘late’, right? But I was rather happy with my purchase and I now didn’t need to borrow my dad’s Nokia to play snake 😉



I remember how my friends and I would all sit around waiting for our netball matches, ‘pranking’ each others phones. Literally thought we were hilarious. Never would I have thought that I’d be using the internet on my phone and have everything that I would want, right at my fingertips. I think that the technology is wonderful but like with anything, we need to be careful about how we use it!

Since my first phone (so bad, I can’t even remember what the name of it was, possibly Panasonic), I think I’ve had about 10 other phones, at least! I thought I was so cool when I got a flip phone haha. I was adamant for a while that I would never get an iPhone, Android all the way. But after several android phones, I just randomly decided to go for an iPhone. I’m a bit dense with some technology and as long as it does everything that I need it to, then I’m not too fussed about everything else. Serving me right so far!

What is your phone of choice? Do you remember your first ever phone?

Rebecca x

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  • My first phone was a Motorola something-or-other brick but it was my second phone that I really fell in love with – a Nokia 7110, the ‘slider’ phone that was used in The Matrix. Obviously, I was just as cool as Keanu Reeves using it.

    I’ve been an iPhone user all the way since 2008. Really not sure what I’d do without mine. (Actually, I do know – I once went 4 weeks without a phone after drowning my iPhone 4 and went up the wall.)

    • I didn’t have internet at home for a day last week, a day! (or any 3G as I was out of data) and it was awful! I did have to get work done too so that’s my excuse 😉

  • My husband and I were just talking about all the different phones we have had. We are now iPhone people. Had about 5-6 of them now. Wonder what the future will bring.