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When we moved into our home nearly five years ago now (crazy), we just had to renovate the kitchen – it hadn’t been touched since the 50’s. Seriously.

We went for quite a classic, country style kitchen and I do think it is probably my favourite room in the house. The units are creamy in colour but we did go for darker floor tiles and counter tops, both being a dark charcoal / black colour. I am happy with it but if I was to have our time again, I think I would go for a slightly more modern kitchen.

I really like the idea of using black in kitchens and think it makes it look really stylish, sleek and ultra modern. I think for decorating a home, the word ‘black’ can be quite scary and I’m sure it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I think it has it’s place but certainly shouldn’t be overused. What do you think of using black in interior design?

We have black worktops and think that it looks really good. We went for wooden worktops, over a marble option, as with children, I just don’t think I could face cleaning it so often, but I really like the look of dark marble worktops. If the rest of the room is light, like in the picture below, then I think it can set off an amazing, modern look. It is all about monochrome, dah-ling!

What I would give for an kitchen these sizes with an island and an AGA though…

Daval Painted Kitchen—Kitchen Design Surrey : Classic style kitchen by Raycross Interiors
Daval Painted Kitchen—Kitchen Design Surrey by Raycross Interiors
Fulham House by Peek Architecture. : Modern kitchen by Alex Maguire Photography
Fulham House by Peek Architecture. by Alex Maguire Photography

Too much black can over power a room and make it look much smaller than it really is. That is, if it is used incorrectly. When black is used sparingly and in a room with a lot of light, it looks so effective.  You can use it for just accessories like chairs or just having black goods like a fridge and oven. I personally think that using accessories that are black, looks amazing or you could add a pop of colour if you have more black than any other colour in the room.

What is your favourite look in a modern kitchen? I think black not only looks good but can hide a multitude of sins – vital with children around!

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