Splash in Splendor: 5 Modern Tub Designs You’ll Love

Showers are overrated. However, they are good for a brief rinse before you take a long soak in the tub. Instead of splashing down your money on a new television or sofa, consider spending more time in the bathroom; the stunning new options in bathtub design are practically begging you to kick back and relax. Here are just five to consider as you dream up a fabulous new bathroom.

1. Copper.

Far from being old-timey, the copper tubs of today are preferred for their unusual finish. We’re not stuck with chrome here, and your copper tub can be smooth in texture for a golden-mirror shine, or hammered for a bit of visual interest. Users also choose copper for some interesting body benefits: minerals.

It’s said that bathing in a copper tub is more nutritious and moisturizing for hair, skin, and nails. Boost your mineral content and unwind from a stressful day with a freestanding copper tub.

2. Wood.

Many people are confused by wood as a material for bathtubs, but if you love a hot bath more than anything else, you need to look further into it. Wood is better than other materials when it comes to retaining heat and keeping your bath toasty and cozy.

It can also be a more environmentally sustainable option, depending on the wood you choose. Concerned about upkeep? All a wooden bathtub asks is that you keep it reasonably wet. Using your wood bathtub several times a week, or keeping water in it when it’s not in use, make it an ideal choice for frequent bathers who love natural elements.

3. Footed.

A footed bathtub doesn’t have to resemble the antique claw-foot tubs of yesteryear, although you can certainly find replicas. Or, you can go for more unexpected details, such as a tub with pegged feet in a brass finish.

They’re also just one more option that can be added to other preferences, such as material. A simple white slipper tub with cast iron feet is a look that will never go out of style.

4. Contemporary angles. 

If you want a tub with major “wow” power, go for a unique shape. An asymmetrical, swooping curve of a tub, as seen via Kardiel, looks like it’s perfect for cradling your head as you soak.

A lot of tubs in contemporary shapes are lighter in weight than others, which can make installation and reinstallation go a lot smoother. It’s a step up from the classic white oval, but retains enough sensibility to look stylish for years to come.

5. Deep steep.

Those on the hunt for the ultimate in luxurious bathing will want to check out Japanese soaking tubs. These tubs are deeper than others, with a bench inside. More than a bath, deep soaking tubs are a form of therapy. Only serious bathers need apply.

Whichever you choose, a go with a freestanding tub. This will allow you to install your new tub wherever it is that you have the extra space, and offer much more in the way of elegant and artistic design.

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