Big and Small Ways That You Can Modernise Your Home

I can be flicking through the TV on an evening and I see so many property programmes. I’m not surprised, though. It seems like we are a nation that is quite obsessed with homes, property and house prices! I know I am, and I’m not even sure why! We can find ourselves looking for different ways to update our homes. Sometimes it can just be a lick of paint to change the colour of a few walls. Sometimes a new throw, fresh flowers and cushions can make the world of difference to a room. At other times, we might be in a situation where we are able to make a few bigger changes to modernise our home.

Making more space or adding space is one of the best ways to improve a home. It can change your lifestyle too. I think of us and we have just one reception room. Another reception room or a large kitchen diner would be amazing. It would be great to have more space for the kids to play and have a separate space for me to do my work at home. I would love a conservatory too. Perhaps one day. I think it is wise not to add space the wrong way around. We have a three bedroom house. There is only one reception room, a cloakroom and kitchen downstairs. So it would be a bit silly to add a loft conversion to make it a four bedroom house. I don’t know if people that had a family big enough for a four bedroom house would only want one reception room?


If you can’t add space, it might be a good idea to change the outdoor space, if you have any. Updating the patio with some new decking can make such a difference. I know we would use our space outside so much more if we had a decking space. With small children, it might be a good idea to get some fencing or balustrade around the decking area. There are some great designs to inspire you here.

When we first moved in our home, it needed to be completely renovated. The wiring and heating systems all needed to be changed. We moved into the house knowing this of course. If you have some wiring that is out of date, you will want to get it checked, so why not get in touch with a local electrician and give them a call? The regulations have changed over the past decade or so. People don’t necessarily want to be looking to buy your house if they know that things like the wiring needs to be changed. So if you can get some of it fixed, it will help massively to modernise your home. Getting a new boiler can help to modernise your home too. It will help to keep your toasty warm as well as make sure that your water heats quickly and efficiently.

Have you done any specific things around your home to modernise it? These are all bigger things that I’ve talked about but there are smaller things you could do too. Paint and accessories are going to be cheaper than getting a conservatory!

Have you got any plans to update your home this summer?


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