More Than That Same Old Space! Swaps and Switches for a Fresher Home

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If you want to feel happier with your home, have you considered the layout? Where we place accessories and furniture will have a big impact on the overall function and feel of a space. Sometimes, changing things up can be all we need to shake up our perception of a place. Let’s show you a few things that can make a big difference. 

Rearranging the Furniture

You may not have enough space to completely rearrange the furniture, and this might be where you can start to swap out things. If you’ve got an armchair that’s been collecting dust, get rid of it! Move the sofa to where that armchair was and invest in some handmade furniture to upgrade your style. When you rearrange your room, it gives it a new effect and can increase your sense of well-being. When we are constantly feeling hemmed in at home, rearranging the furniture can make it feel like we are in a new home. 

Dividing the Room

If you want to create a feeling of space, you can use furniture as a way to divide any area. If you have an open plan kitchen/dining room area, you can position the dining table at one end of the room and create a clearly marked living area by putting the sofa in the middle of the room facing the opposite direction. This means you can create two different areas for relaxing and dining. Put a sideboard up against the back of the sofa and you’ve got a perfect place to add little touches like lamps or any accent of your choice. 

Displaying Pictures Differently

If you’ve got a collection of pictures that have stayed in the same place for years, you can either reshuffle them or you can hang them in different rooms. It is one of those little things that can automatically make a space feel different. Even swapping out the old pictures for newer ones of your family can also give it a well-needed shake-up. 

Swap Out the Cushions

If you cannot afford a new sofa or furniture, you can instantly alter a room’s decor by bringing in new cushions. If you don’t have the money to buy new cushions, all you need to do is swap out the cushions from the other rooms to make the living room fresher. 

Change the Lighting

It’s very likely that you are are you using your home in a different way these days because of the lockdown. Changing the lighting in every room is going to switch up the ambience and create different zones for you to enjoy. Putting a lamp in the corner of a room automatically can set up that reading nook vibe, and you can move a floor lamp and put it above a bean bag or armchair to signify a quiet corner away from the television. 

If you want to switch up your living space, sometimes you’ve got to rethink your approach to it. Making a few swaps and rearranging a few items will make a big difference because you won’t consider it as that same old space anymore.

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  • I like these suggestions! As for the lightning, consider a smart LED light bulbs. According to this source, you can buy them for only $20 these days, depending on where you buy them. What you get with a smart bulb is the same as the smart plug: wireless switches. They also come with dimming and color-changing capabilities. You’re really changing the way your home feels with these light bulbs.
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  • I like these ideas! Especially the idea of rearranging the furniture. I think it makes the big difference. By the way, if you decide to rearrange the furniture in your home, remember that it should be done wisely. Thoughtlessly placed furniture can make the heating of the house ineffective. So, do not put furniture next to radiators, as this can become a barrier and warm air will circulate worse around the room.

  • I like the idea of swapping out the cushions! By the way, if you like textiles in the interior like me, remember that these things accumulate a lot of dust and allergens, and therefore they need to be washed often. Otherwise, it can cause poor indoor air quality. It’s something that we can’t touch or see, but it affects our health terribly.

  • Thank you for sharing! As for lighting, it works wonders if it’s well thought-out. While changing bulbs and updating fixtures can greatly improve your lighting, there’s a very particular science. But it doesn’t have to be difficult—understanding the different types of lighting in your home and what these types of lighting do can help you better understand how to improve your lighting dramatically: