Morning Habits of Happy People

Oh what we would do to be morning people; to wake up with a smile, skip down the stairs full of (metaphorical) beans, greet the family with an infectious bounce, pour ourselves a cup of OJ and look at the day ahead with eagerness, enjoying the fact we have 86,000 seconds to make the most of. Alas, this isn’t the case.

Instead, we wake up begrudgingly, wobble down the stairs trying not to tumble and grunt at everything until we’ve managed to consume two large mugs of coffee, and even then the day head is more of a mission than an adventure. It’s not exactly the start to a day we imagine happy people have.

That’s why we’ve been on a sort of investigative mission to find out what morning habits happy people have. Who knows, maybe some of them will appeal to you?

  1. They Never Miss Breakfast

The phrase “brekky is the most important meal of the day” has become a cliche, which means it is true and yet ineffective as a piece of advice. Nonetheless, we are going to reiterate the point: you need to make time for breakfast and make it the best breakfast ever. Pancakes with manuka honey and blueberries. A delicious and nutrition shake. Fresh fruit, yogurt, and muesli. Poached eggs with avo on sourdough. These are foods that will feed your soul and get you pumped for the day ahead.

  1. They Exercise Early Doors

Walking your dog first thing in the morning, heading to the gym before the rest of the house wakes up, or just cycling to work – all of these constitute exercise, which is a vital habit to get into if you want to feel fantastic first thing in the morning. Why? Endorphins, that’s why. That and you will feel a sense of accomplishment that will set you up for the rest of the day. Sweet.

  1. They Know How To Sleep

This is a weird statement, we get that. But how many times have you moaned about not getting a good night’s sleep, instead of tossing and turning and staring up at the ceiling for what seemed like hours? Exactly. To remedy this sucky-situation, you need to make a few changes. That could mean throwing out your old mattress in favor of the Tuft & Needle mattress, it could mean eating dinner earlier, giving up that glass of red before bed, leaving your phone to charge in the kitchen, doing a bit of yoga or any number of other things that will better your bedtime ritual. Sleep well, wake up happy. Simple.

  1. They Ignore Nasty Distractions

Yup. Nasty distractions. This means things like mindless social media scrolling, checking work emails, texting people, watching the news, all that sort of stuff and this is because they know these will damage their early morning serenity and hopes of mindfulness. All that stuff can be left until later. But when you first wake up, focus on you, have some family time and enjoy the quiet a bit more. Yeah, that’s how to start the day right.

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  • I always eat my breakfast but I am useless with sleep. I need to get to bed earlier and avoid distractions. Sometimes I get to the gym early morning and I must admit I am happier that day when I have