Most Insta-Worthy Places To Eat in London

Being born and raised in the north, visiting London was always a special event, whether that be for a fun family weekend trip or on a school trip, it was always a big deal and something to look forward to. And now that I am celebrating my 11th year in south London (Surrey, technically), I still feel like heading into London is still quite novel for me. I really enjoy it, and love to explore all that there is to see and do; it really is an amazing city with so much going on. There is something for everyone.

The hubs works up in London so it is easy to meet him up there for dinner after work or for a date night. Because there is so much choice in London, we try to avoid the standard chain restaurants to eat at where we can, and find some really unique and fun places to eat. And being a blogger that is all about the cliches, I like to look out for a few places that are pretty and insta-worthy so that I can get some stories and shots for the gram. I’ve got a list of a few places that are the prettiest places to eat in London; some that I have been to, some that I haven’t been to.

A point to note is that if you’re looking for a place to eat for a group or perhaps a work event, then looking at a site like squaremeal to help you, could help you to find a place that will suit your needs perfectly.

I just thought I’d share if you’ve got a London trip planned and fancy something quite different, but oh so pretty. Have you been to any of them before?

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Clos Maggiore

Located in Covent Garden, Clos is picture perfect with trees indoors. Yes, really. As well as foliage galore at the entrance too. And when they are changed up seasonally, it is such a romantic place to eat, as well as being perfect for the gram.

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If your are looking for arguably the best afternoon tea in London, then Sketch in Mayfair is the choice for you. Perfectly pink, it is a great spot and from the pictures and reviews, I am desperate to visit! Not to mention the ‘pod’ toilets that get decorated seasonally too – what is not to love?

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Bourne & Holingsworth Buildings

I was lucky to go to a blogger event here about a year ago now, and it is an amazing place. If you love all things plants and succulents, rather than florals, then it is the place for you, with the chairs as well as the decor all giving a nod to houseplants. It can be hired out as well so can be perfect for a party.

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The Soho based Iranian kebab house is something a little different, and definitely a must for those that aren’t all about the florals. The decor is simple but the accessories and styling is really stunning and a perfect fit for the food they serve.

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Petersham Nurseries

If you are more Surrey based like I am, then heading a little out of the city to Richmond, to the coolest and prettiest garden centre ever, Petersham Nurseries, can be a good call when you’re after a lunch or slice of cake and a hot drink.

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The Ivy Tower Bridge

I went here for another blogger event, and the location is second to none, with views out on the Thames, right by Tower Bridge as you might imagine. the building is stylish and sophisticated, and the food is amazing.

*this post was a collaboration with the squaremeal.

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