How To Get The Most Out Of Your Summer Holidays

The summer holidays often feel like they’re a long time coming, so once they’re here, it’s crucial that you enjoy every second of sun you can and take every opportunity to lie back and relax. The best way to squeeze as much content into the holiday as you can manage is to plan how you want to spend each day, with a list of things you wish to have completed by the end of your time off. If you want to enjoy a day to yourself or with your partner, then ask relatives or a babysitter to take care of your children in plenty of time. Don’t forget that your schedule will begin to get busy just as other’s will do! Make sure you enquire into the possibility nice and early to avoid disappointment. How else can you make the most of the sunshine this year?

Sort Transport And Accommodation Early  

Make the most of early bird offers, and begin looking at travel routes, activities, and accommodation weeks ahead of schedule. Think about using Airbnb, Tripping, FlipKey, or HomeAway for quirky places to stay short-term if you fancy getting away for a week or just a weekend. If freedom is one of the incentives of getting away this summer, then why not consider renting a car or a van to take you from A to B in your own time at your chosen pace? Click here for more information on the freedom having your own travel car will give you, to calculate savings on accommodation, and to then research parking permits.


Researching and planning your summer holiday is a necessary part of making the very most of going away. Cover all of your bases, so that you’re not caught short and having to change your plans at the last minute drastically. Set yourself a realistic budget, and stay within the framework of a fixed cost. Research how much you expect to spend, and more about the dates and times of getting to and from places. Research the expected temperatures for where you’re going, what currency they use, and where the nearest local amenities are located.

Save Some Funds 

Before the start of your summer holidays, try and accumulate some cash aside to then spend however you wish once you’re away. By starting to put money aside early, it won’t feel as though your wallet is taking quite the same hit as it would have done. Think about putting £2 and £1 coins into a jar out of sight and steadily adding to it when you have the change on hand. Make extra cash by selling books or DVD’s that you’ve accumulated, or by tightening your budget when doing the weekly food shop, for example.

Stay Safe 

Don’t make the mistake that so many ill-prepared sun lovers make each time the summer sun comes out. Avoid getting burnt and exposing your skin to harmful UV rays as often as you possibly can. It’s recommended that you don’t spend longer than fifteen minutes out in the direct sunlight at one time, so break up your exposure time by going inside and alternating between relaxing in the shade. Stay safe and healthy by drinking at least two litres of water a day, and more if you’re planning on being outside in the heat for a considerable amount of time.

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