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I have a lot of friends having babies at the moment so it was time for another baby shower! This was a joint shower for three mums and I decided to go with the theme of ‘Mothers-to-bee’ as it was the first child for all of them. Plus I liked the look of a yellow and black colour theme.



The room was divided with three tables for three teams, each mother-to-be as the captain of each. Advice cards and baby bingo sheets were already on the tables to be filled in as people arrived.


Then the games we played were a ‘Price is Right’ style  for the new mums to guess the prices of some baby items such as rusks, nappies, sudocrem etc. I then made a huge Nursery Rhyme Jeopardy that was stuck on the wall. Taking it in turns each team would pick a category and see if they knew the answer. It was pretty funny to play. It’s surprising how hard a normally simple question can be when it’s worded strangely. We then did classic Pictionary  which is always a laugh. Love having everyone struggle to draw ‘epidural’ or stretchmarks!


We then read out the advice for the mothers that everyone had written and opened pressies, marking off the bingo cards.


There were of course lots of yummy refreshments but luckily for me, someone else took charge of the catering this time, so I could focus on games and décor. I definitely think I’ve missed a calling in life – I love planning a good party!

What's Happened? What's Happening?

Rebecca x

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