How to plan correctly when moving abroad with kids

Moving abroad with kids can be very stressful. There’s so much to think about, after all. Like, how will you get all your stuff to your new home? Is your paperwork in order so you don’t get stuck in customs? Was this the right decision, especially when the little ones are so young?!

With all these endless questions we ask ourselves it may seem impossible to ever get going.

But what if I told you planning effectively can help resolve most of the worries associated with such a big move? (That doesn’t include those existential crises that will have to be dealt with in your own time though, I’m afraid.)

With that in mind, here’s how to plan correctly for a move abroad with kids, including everything you need to prepare for, arrange and consider before you up sticks.

Decide where to go 

Yes, really. This isn’t a decision to be made on a whim, especially if you’re uprooting your children at the same time, so be sure to know exactly where you’ll be moving to. Of course, this goes beyond just the continent or even the country, and right down to the mailing address. And, figure out exactly where you’ll be living upon arrival, whether it’s temporary or permanent. Otherwise you may end up being shacked up with your kids in a hostel!

Get your paperwork in order

Visa rules differ from country to country, so you’ll need to get your paperwork in order. Perhaps that means renewing your passport, digging out your birth certificate or finally swapping from a paper to photo driver’s license. Then you have to think about the children. Do they have passports already? Do you need to get them one and how long will that take? Thinking through all this in advance will help the move go smoother. Either way, make more photocopies than you could ever possibly need of all your important documents. Trust us.

Don’t forget to cancel your subscriptions and invest in some insurance either.

Update your information where relevant

Do you need to tell the tax office you’re leaving your current country of residence? Should you advise the bank that you’ll have a new address, or will you set up a PO box? These are both things to think about when you move house within your country, but they definitely shouldn’t be put to the wayside when moving abroad, especially in case of emergency. After all, you don’t want a hefty tax bill or any important info related to your children making its way to your old address!

Get yourself some reliable movers 

Some people advocate for ditching all your worldly possessions before a big intercontinental move. This might be the right decision for many, but not for those of you with children. After all, you’ll definitely end up spending what you saved on removals rebuying everything from prams to toys in your new home country!

Instead, do some pre-trip research and find some reliable professionals to do the hard work for you. At Buzzmove, you can compare international removals prices quickly and simply. Plus, they only work with experienced companies who know the ins and outs of customs regulations (which is where most people come unstuck), so you can rest easy knowing that your children’s essentials will make it there in one piece!

Swap your cash cost effectively

You’ve tidied up your loose ends, sorted your paperwork and your stuff is already being shipped around the world. All you have to do now is swap some money so you can all actually afford to eat on arrival.

You may think they’ll be a hefty exchange rates with your bank or tons of hidden charges when you try to convert your hard-earned savings. However, if you do your research you’ll see that there are alternatives such as Currency Direct. You can transfer money seamlessly via their app, on the phone or online. On top of that there’s market guidance and currency news delivered to your inbox.

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