Moving Home: Making It Simple

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There are countless reasons to move home. Perhaps you’ve landed a job in a different area and want to move closer to minimise the commute. Maybe you want to get into a good catchment area for a particular school for your kids. Your family might be growing and you need a property with more rooms or living space. You might just fancy a change. Whatever your reason, one thing is for sure. Moving home can be a complicated and difficult process. There’s a lot to take into account and a lot of work to do to get things from A to B. So, what can you do to make moving home as simple and straightforward as possible? Here are a few suggestions that should come in useful!


The first step towards a good and logical house move is decluttering your current home. Over the years, we all end up collecting and bringing belongings into our homes that we don’t actually have any use for, don’t particularly like, or don’t have any sentimental value. There’s no point paying for, or making the effort to, move these items from one house to another. So, make sure to declutter before you do anything else. Look through your belongings. Determine what you do and don’t want or need. For the items you don’t want or need, you have a few options. Sell items of value. Give items to friends or family. Donate items to charity stores. Recycle those that aren’t of use or value. This will really lighten your load.

Use Professional Moving Services

Book professional moving services well in advance of your move. This will secure their services and will lift a weight from your shoulders. Professional interstate removalists have the strength, experience, vans and equipment required to move large and heavy items, such as furniture and appliances, safely and securely. This can prevent damage to your belongings and can prevent you from causing yourself injury by trying to move things yourself. It’s more than worth the investment.

Pack Logically

It’s important to be logical with your packing. Pack one room at a time. Have boxes for different items. For example, boxes with kitchenware, boxes with clothes, boxes with books. This will make unpacking much more straightforward. You should also pack belongings that you’ll need as soon as you get to your new home separately. For example, nightwear, a change of clothes, your toiletries and other basics. This will mean you don’t have to open all the boxes finding things for your first night.

Use Quality Boxes

You don’t want the bottom of boxes falling through while you’re trying to move your belongings. Instead, invest in quality boxes that will stand the wear and tear of your move. This will cause less hassle in the long run.

Hopefully, some of the tips and tricks above should help you to move with as little stress or disruption as possible. It’s going to be tiring, but at the end of the day, it should all prove more than worth the effort!

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