Moving House: Do It Yourselves

As everyone knows, moving house can become an extortionate process. From buying the house itself, to stamp duty and removal vans – it all adds up and can totally stress people out at a time that should be exciting. Often people are even put off moving to their dream home simply because of the expense of moving! Well, it doesn’t have to be this way. Here are a few reasons why DIY moving is a great, money saving option:

  • You will have total control over your move – no fear of not knowing where your favourite vase has gone when packing and unpacking the van, or the worry that your most precious cups and saucers are not bubble wrapped securely. You’ll have control of how to load the van, and you don’t have to worry about movers dumping boxes and furniture in rooms they don’t belong.
  • As well as ensuring that nothing breaks in the process, you get to choose the van that suits you and all of your moving supplies yourself.
  • You don’t have to adhere to a removal companies agenda; opting for a DIY move means that you have the flexibility to decide when to begin the move and when to end the move. If you’re moving in bad weather, you get to decide how best to protect your belongings.
  • You can pack your own way without having to worry about perfectly boxing up all of your belongings. Movers will want all of your boxes to be sealed and ready to go when they arrive. But by moving yourself, you won’t necessarily have to box up lamps and plants and other odd-shaped belongings we all have hiding away. You won’t have to obsess over how to pack, you can relax and do it your way with the mantra that as long as everything is in that van on moving day, you’re good to go.
  • You won’t know your movers which can make the whole experience highly impersonal and even awkward. Handing over precious belongings to complete strangers can make some people anxious.
  • More people than ever are buying old, run down properties that need a complete renovation. You can buy great quality used forklifts to transport and carry heavy objects during your move or renovation process.
  • If you have opted for a renovation project, with a DIY move you don’t have to rush your beloved furniture into your new home all at once. You can take your time and maybe even get your kitchen plumbing completed before unpacking your favourite china!

Ultimately you’re opting for a DIY move to save money as well as for your own convenience. If you’re on a tight budget, then a DIY move is definitely for you. Whether you’re renovating or buying your dream home; relocating to the other end of the village or the other side of the country, the expenses incurred from hiring a moving company can quickly add up and exceed expectations. A DIY move could save thousands that you could use on decorating that beautiful new home.

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  • This is actually a great idea! We don’t want to spend too much on moving our things to our new house because we already spent a lot of money for our new house. Thanks for sharing this!!

  • In your article you make me realize how much packing box need for shifting service. I am shifting house after this month. It’s a long distance house shifting and everything should be packed well. Thank you for sharing.