Moving To Pastures New: The Country Home

Living in the country is something that everyone should experience at least once in their life. Especially when they have children. Taking a back seat away from the big cities, especially with the current concerns in the towns, might be a benefit to the whole family.

When our parents were children everyone understood how to play. We knew how to entertain ourselves, get dirty and we understood more about nature and the planet. However as technology has improved we slowly seem to have become more dependent on reading about the world around us, instead of getting out there and discovering it. Children now find it hard to sit and read a book, or create their own games. Instead they need technology to entertain them and, of course, another missing element to family life is the ease of growing your own vegetables, eating what nature provided and being able to throw on some wellies and walk out of your front gate into the middle of nowhere.  


It is really important our children get a balance of both worlds. The city and modern technology, allow our children an exciting future to be whatever they want, however if they fail to grasp the very basics of humanity then they won’t shape our world the way we need it to be shaped.

So, maybe now is the perfect time for you to move to the country.

It can be hard if you have to commute. However our transportation links are better than they have ever been, meaning it is easier to get into the town from rural areas. Plus, you don’t have to move too far. You will find that there are green belts around most cities, meaning you could find that just half an hour away from the bright lights, is the green grass of home!

Finding a house can be hard and it is worth finding an estate agent who understands your needs. Encourage them to select a few houses that fit your demands but also allow them to show you a bit of a wild card.  Often we aren’t sure what we want until we see it, so it could be good to be shown the potential of something we may have overlooked. You also need to consider selling your own home. Learn about the EPC rules and what they mean for you as a seller and a buyer. It’s important to have a great team to help and you will need to find a Solicitor or Conveyancer early on to make the transition more efficient.

Take this opportunity to get adventurous and offer your family a beautiful, fresh and green lifestyle where they can experience both the support of a small community and learn to be street savvy with lots of city experiences. 

This could be the start of a wonderful new life and could really help bring your family together, improve your health and put you back in touch with the world. Sound perfect? What are you waiting for?

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