Mulberry Silk-Filled Pillow Review from Silk Bedding Direct

I was super excited when a new pillow from Silk Bedding Direct arrived last week – very keen to try out a pillow filled with natural mulberry silk, something I have never done, or heard of, before. First off, it arrived in a cute and handy carry bag, which will be really useful to reuse for travel. I was impressed at the speed of the delivery and the thickness and quality of the pillow when I took it out of the bag. It is a great sized pillow too (75cm x 50cm).

The pillow is filled with hypo-allergenic top grade long-strand mulberry silk, that is 100% natural. I personally don’t suffer with allergies but you never know with children and the bedding in our house does get moved around from room to room, so gives extra peace of mind. I loved to find out out that there were no chemicals or other substances used to treat the pillow – it is just the natural mulberry silk. Because of this, the silk still contains naturally occurring amino acids that are good for your skin and hair. Erm, pretty much the best thing ever right? A pillow that is actually benefiting your skin, as well as providing comfort – winning.

The casing on the pillow is really soft and smooth, comprising of 300 thread count cotton sateen, meaning it is durable too – Max loved using it for his pillow and kept telling me how much softer it was than his old one!




I am pleased to report that under normal circumstances, the pillow needs very little in the way of cleaning (perfect for busy parents), just needs airing out occasionally to fluff it back up – low maintenance is a winner in my book.

I am really pleased with the pillow, it is really soft and does just the job a pillow should. So impressed with the extras it provides though, through the natural qualities of the mulberry silk. I would recommend it! The pillow costs £99 – in my experience this is higher than average (we bought some new good quality pillows about 6 months ago for £60 each), but for a good pillow, providing you can afford it, I think it is totally worth it.

What do you think? Have you heard of silk-filled pillows before?

Rebecca x

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*the pillow was gifted in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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