Mum Moments & a Hotel Chocolat Giveaway!

One of the things that swiftly becomes apparent when you become a mum is just how much you have tiny people that depend on you. Your time isn’t completely your own anymore, and all that you do, the majority of the time is for your children. Whether that is one child or many; it is all the same when you’re a mum.


One of my many favourite moments since becoming a mother all of those five years ago, is when my kids say something funny and when I really hear myself in them. With my son Max, I would often bring him downstairs on a morning when he was a toddler. I’d open the blinds and comment on the weather. Not even consciously to be honest. Then he started to comment on it, before I could even try. “Nice sunny day, mummy” came out of his mouth and just cracked me up. He said it just as I did.


With my daughter Chloe, it has been quite recently that she’s been making me laugh. We have been potty training her recently so there have been lots of affirmations and ‘good girl’ being branded about. I went to empty her potty the other day and she came with me. As I was finished cleaning it out she said “good girl” to me. Such a crack up! When they start copying what you can do, it really makes me smile 🙂


And yes, when you’re a parent, you end up sharing everything!



For your chance to spoil your mum, wife, grandma, auntie, or just treat yourself, then you can win a Mother’s Day Sleekster from Hotel Chocolat, worth over £22. All you have to do is leave me a comment, telling me your favourite #MumMoment, and then enter any other options that you’d like. Just complete the Rafflecopter form below.

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Good luck! The competition will end at 11.59pm on 16th March 2017, so that you can get your prize in time for Mother’s Day on 26th March.

Rebecca x*thanks to Hotel Chocolat for our sleekster. All opinions are my own.

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  • #MumMoment Mine has to be becoming a mum for the first time – giving birth to my son and holding him within seconds of his birth! It was magical!

  • I don’t have a favourite #MumMoment because my Mum is always doing & saying things I love her for 🙂 x

  • My favourite Mum Moment was my Grandmas recent 90th birthday party with all the generations of the family.

  • My moment has to be when my daughter went to seahouses Northumberland it was the first time she had gone away with school for a full week! I was more nervous than her, well she brought me a little toadstool ornament I still have it 30 years later

  • Recently I was making pancakes with my daughter, after cooking and getting ready to enjoy them. My daughter who is 4 turn to me and say well done mummy I am proud of you. She really melts my heart❤

  • my favourite #MumMoment was being on holiday together in Hawaii & watching her crying with happiness watching a traditional dance being performed, she was so happy and said it was like a dream!

  • My #MumMoment is the holidays and days out we share, we have so much in common that we have become best friends

  • my favourite moment as an auntie was seeing my nephew being born in December, it blew me away it was incredible

  • My favourite #MumMoment is when I get in from a 24 hour shift to the biggest cuddles and to be told they miss me. Coming home to that Makes leaving them for work and little less hard x

  • It has to be when my kids tell me I am the best Mum ever! I know its not true but they seem to genuinely feel that (for now at least lol)

  • My favourite recent mum moment was this weekend – I was in London for the weekend and caught up with her as she lives in the area…went to the football, then to the pub then out for dinner for some quality time together, which doesn’t happen often enough for my liking!

  • I’ve got so many to pick from! haha
    One very funny #MumMoment happened one Christmas. My daughter was always ill at the time and projectile-vomited all over our Christmas tree. Whatever we did, we could not get the stains off. The next day my sister-in-law visited and complimented us on the fake snow we’d sprayed on the tree. I was too mortified to tell the truth!!!

  • My mum moment was when my mum learnt me how to bake cakes! Everyone loves my cakes and always ask for the recipe but I have made sure the secret remains my mums forever 😉

  • I just always remember my Mum being perfect! A great cook and fantastic at making money stretch, peacemaker and home maker, and anything else you could think of!

  • I found out that my teenage daughters often text each other with funny or silly things I have done or said using the hashtag MUM-ories! Made me smile!

  • My dad was watching the snooker, then switched the TV over to watch lawn bowling on another channel. My mum looked up and proclaimed, “Why are they walking on the snooker table?” It was one of those ‘family’ moments you never forget 😀 XXX

  • My fave mom moment was when he was first born, i had emergency c – section and they passed him over to my husband, and looking at them both together melted my heart x

  • Mum took our Dobermann dog for a walk at the caravan site, he decided to chase the duck which flew into the lake pulling her behind and into the mud & water! #MumMoment

  • #GrandmaMoment – My sister has just sent me an audio recording that I did with my nan, many years ago. I was only about 8 at the time but can still remember doing the recording. It was so lovely to hear her voice again as she has been gone for over 20 years now. I didn’t realise the recording still existed so I am absolutely thrilled. She was laughing, singing and trying to speak in a posh way for the recording. If she were still here then she would deserve the #GrandmaMoment.

  • My favourite #MumMoment would be having my mum there at the birth of my first child. This was very special for us both. Im currently 38 weeks pregnant with my third child and we intend for her to be there again

  • My most embarrassing #MumMoment was when I was walking my son (middle child) home from school after having his little sister I stopped and said to him hold on mummy feels sick and he shouted loudly in town ‘ God your not pregnant again are you’

  • my little boy loudly announcing to asda that they didn’t do bra in his mummy size, why didn’t they do bras in mummy size?? hahah

  • When my mum started singing “Somewhere over the rainbow” in a packed store…ok you might say, there’s nothing wrong with that?..but she’s tone deaf and can’t sing a note! lol…Fair play it put a smile on everyones face lol

  • when my mum stared at a door and couldn’t figure out how it worked because it wasn’t automatic! #mummoment

  • My #MumMoment is seeing my daughter face for the first time when she was born and falling instantly in love.

  • the fact my mum is on instagram but only looks on it once a week – so tells me things a week after they happened!

  • When a lovely lady at the spa asked me and my sister, within earshot of our Mum, what our other sister would like to drink. The look on Mum’s face was better than any birthday present we could have bought for her!

  • It would definitely be caring for my dad – together we did everything for him. Gave us a bond which is stronger than ever

  • My funny #MumMoment was while I was driving my mom to the shops, her phone started ringing so she began rummaging through her bag looking for it. Suddenly she stopped, turned to me and said “Oh no I think I’ve left my phone at home”

  • my favourite more recent proud mum moment was watching my daughter’s hard work pay off when she managed to pass her kung fu black belt grading

  • #MumMoment Seeing my daughter as soon as she was born, I had waited so long for that moment and had almost given up hope of ever getting pregnant

  • My mums reaction when she saw me in my wedding dress on my wedding day was very special. There was lots of happy tears #MumMoment

  • My Favourite moment is seeing my Daughter on the Labour Ward having just become a Mum to our little Grandson, so very proud of her, she is an awesome Mum

  • My favourite mum moments happy every time we speak.She’s always saying the wrong word for things and makes me laugh.

  • My Mum enjoys lots of different handicrafts and it was really lovely watching her help my daughter make a bobbin lace bookmark. #MumMoment Goodness, that was a long time ago! That little girl is 26 now!

  • I like that even though we argue sometimes, when something is really bothering me, she’s always there to support me and always seems to understand how I’m feeling and what to say to make me feel better.

  • My favourite mum moment, is whenever my feelings were hurt or I got into an accident and was crying, my mom would always hug me, kiss me and tell me it would all be alright. It was like a balm and everything would be alright, very soon after. x 🙂

  • I have lots of Mum moments but the ones that stick out in my memory are the difficult ones we have been through recently. On 18 December my Dad had a major stroke and we didn’t think he would make it at one point, but he is a fighter and has made it. The special moments my mum and I shared are on the way to and from the hospital – going to hospital because you did not know what sort of mood he would be in (sometimes really bad, sometimes good) and then sharing the experience on the way home. I really love my mum and during the 10 weeks he was in hospital she went every single day. I accompanied her when work allowed. Dad is now home and she is really busy with all the visitors from carers, occupational therapists and physiotherapists to get dad back on his feet. Love you mum.

  • Those first toddler steps are amazing gives you such a buzz but also I’m old so when I was single my daughter brought home a mother’s day card from school so that made me cry. Lol

  • It was the moment my grandson came crawling towards me when I went to visit him! He had learnt to crawl since the last time I had seen him and he just had a look on his face that meant look at me, see what I can do and he was trying so hard and then put his little chubby arms up to me to be picked up and he just melted my heart!

  • My 5 year old son gave up his balloon to settle his crying 3 year old sister without even being asked. Any mother knows how much helium balloons mean to children. #mummoment

  • My Mum has so many funny #MumMoments it’s hard to keep track…like yesterday getting into my next door neighbours back seat of his car – thinking it was her taxi 😉

  • #MumMoment is my Mum uprooting from her home and town of 40 years to move closer to me to support me and my disabled child.

  • Being taught how to knit after poor Mam had to search out needles and wool only for me to give up after a few minutes then the same scenario with me and my daughter. I eventually learned how to knit and there is hope for my daughter yet.

  • My favourite mum moment is when my baby is upset and only mummy can calm her down, love it when she visibly relaxes in my arms and is happy again

  • my aunt has always been like a mum to me. shes always doing sweet things like leaving notes on my car saying she loves me or posting tea bags through the door lol

  • My favourite #MumMoment is when my mum took me to a sweetshop to have my favourite sweet just after my exam had finished…

  • #MumMoment Myself and my at the time 15 year old daughter went to Cardiff last year for a Spa Weekend, to celebrate her upcoming 16th, we had such a good bonding time, we had a posh 3 course meal, went to Cardiff castle and had lots of laughs! I love her so much xx

  • My amazing mum has done so much for me. It’s just been the 2 of us since my dad died when I was a baby. We have had lots of fun times together and got through the tough times as well. Trying to pick out one moment is difficult, so I’ll just pick a recent one – when I wasn’t well, she insisted on immediately driving 400 miles through the night to stay with me and help me.

  • I remember I was no higher than the kitchen cupboard watching my mum making buns waiting to lick the spoon

  • Last Saturday I was getting ready to go out for dinner as it was my birthday earlier that week. I decided to put a sheet mask on my face to freshen up my skin tone. My younger son saw me and recoiled in horror: “Mummy, you look horrid!”
    Saying that, he’s always the first one to compliment me on my appearance. 🙂

  • I went to Paris with my mum a few years ago and we were stood in the queue for the Eiffel Tower eating croissants and drinking hot chocolate that we had got from the food stand nearby. All of a sudden, a bird flew down right in front of my face and stole my croissant and I jumped so much that I spilt my hot chocolate over myself!

  • A couple of years ago, my niece was due to go on holiday with her best friend, at the last minute the friend couldnt go so my mother went instead. Grandmother and granddaughter 10 days in Lanzarote, they had a fantastic time and really bonded

  • When I brought home my second child my main hope was that my first child wouldn’t hate her (and me). I also hoped he wouldn’t smother her if I left the room and wouldn’t throw matchbox cars at her head. Never did I imagine that they’d actually like each other! If there is one thing more adorable than the uncontrollable giggle of a small child it is the uncontrollable giggles of two. Especially when they are laughing at each other.

  • My most memorable mum moment actually was holding my precious daughter in my arms for the first time. After having many recurrent miscarriages and lots of fertility treatment to finally be able to hold my daughter in my arm was a truly memorable mum moment.

  • My fav mum moments are watching my kids in their school performances (Christmas and music concerts always make me proud) x

  • My favourite #MumMoment is that no matter how old she gets, she still climbs onto my lap at betime for cuddles.

  • I love teasing my mum about the time she served chocolate custard instead of gravy with the Sunday Roast – only my mum could do this, and that is what makes her so special!

  • My Favourite #Mummoment was just after the birth of my 4th child… I looked at my two boys and my two girls and thought my family is complete and look at how amazing they are…. a truly lovely time.

  • My mum moment has to be when i was living in turkey and had not seen her for a year, when i came through the airport and got to see her beautiful face again and smell her beautiful scent that was my mum moment it was priceless

  • My Mum Moment was when I nominated her to win some Elizabeth Shaw chocolates because she is so dedicated to being a full time carer. The next thing this gorgeous wrapped box of Elizabeth Shaw Flutes turned up, with a card. She promptly burst into tears, and was so overwhelmed! It meant so much to her, I was so touched.

  • My 7 year old daughter went to a party today and was emptying the contents of her party bag when she got home… She came to the blower that uncurls and makes a funny noise and said ‘wow, I’ve never had a party pooper before!’ This creased me up, new name for them I think! lol

  • Bringing my son home from Neo-Natal, extra special as it was on Christmas Eve, then putting my girls to bed and having snuggles with my baby boy while waiting for santa

  • My best #MumMoment is finally being allowed to hold my premature twins, after only being able to watch them in their incubators.

  • When I brought my Mum a baby frog from the pond to show her, and it jumped on her! Never seen her move so fast!

  • Many moments make me smile. Just recently, my 4 year old said ‘mummy, you look really beautiful’ when I got ready to go out for a meal. He gives more compliments than his daddy!

  • I’m currently 6 months pregnant with our second and when our 2 year old daughter comes and kisses or pats my belly it melts my heart 🙂

  • My Mum always makes me laugh, like when she thought the Pied Piper ended the Plague by leading all the rats out of London!

  • Raising children to become independent thinkers. Am proud to hear mine say that I have. Not easy when they choose to become vegan overnight or they have rubbish taste in men, but always being there for them without judging…

  • My favourite mum moment is when I am able to make my baby smile for the first time. I am mother to four girls but a baby’s smile always makes me feel warm and fluffy inside 🙂

  • This probably sounds weird, but I was privileged to be with my beloved momma when she passed away last year. It was important to me to be the last person she heard and saw, I loved her to the moon and back. So yes, I guess a lot of people may find this a weird thing, but it was the only thing I had any control over, the way we said goodbye. This year for Mother’s Day, I am going away to a place we both loved, to spend time with my memories, and scatter some ashes in her favourite happy spots. And she lives in my heart forever x

  • My son is obsessed with gymnastics so when he got picked to join the boys squad and won his first medal he was ever so happy and I was very proud of him at achieving with his dedication

  • #MumMoments are many having three grown up daughters, but if I had to say just one it would be giving birth naturally to the third after having two horrendous births for the first two. I was so proud of myself x

  • #MumMoment Mine was definitely becoming a mum for the first time, exciting and scarey at the same time, but I had my own mum to help and I couldn’t have got through it without her x

  • I loved the first few months of my daughters life , It was the best time in my opinion . I wish I could go back

  • when my mum used to embarrass me by doing silly walks on the way to school in the morning. I really was embarrassed, but looking back it was really funny and something that sticks out in my memory. #MumMoment

  • I couldn’t possibly pick one, but (in retrospect) would say the Mother’s Days that I spent with both my Mum and Gran (her mother) – I now realise how precious those moments were.

  • #MumMoment my moment is when I took my mum to NYC last year – she had always wanted to go and I was super lucky and won £1000 holiday vouchers – I could have done anything but decided it was timet o pay mum back

  • I visited my family the May after my daughter was born for my brother’s wedding. In the States, Mother’s Day is in May. I got to experience my first Mother’s Day in my home country and recognized my brother and sister-in-law’s roles as godparents. A wonderful family time.

  • I shall always remember taking my mum on a ghost train for the first time and she wet herself. She wasn’t terrified but found the experience totally hilarious which was contagious so when the ride was over, we weren’t able to get out of the train because we were laughing so much so the ride operator sent us back through the ride again.

  • my favourite #MumMoment was right after they all where born and for a few days I was in amazement that I could produce this tiny little thing.

  • I gave always had mum and me days with my mum. They stick in my mind because we go and do something special just the two of us and have quality time together. We have done it for as long as I can remember. I think it’s one of the reasons we are so close xx

  • I remember the first time I introduced my daughter to my mum. She was so in love with her and I finally got the love you feel for a child. She has been amazing grandmother

  • my Mum moment was in oct 1967 took my mum to Hull Fair and got her on the octopus. Whats memorable about that you might ask well in dec 1967 she gave birth to one of my brothers. she was 7 months pregnant at fair time