Upscaling Your Mummy Style With Cobuydi

If  you’ve never heard of high quality clothing destination Cobuydi, it’s time to check them out!

The problem

When stylists on TV claim that we only wear 20% of our wardrobes, I can believe it. It seems that no matter how hard I try to jazz up my outfits, I end up in the same “mum-uniform” every day in varying colours. In my mind, there are a two main reasons for this…


I have a toddler and even on days that I’m at home I rack up thousands of steps on my fitness tracker from running up and down stairs, doing housework, and chasing her down when she’s brandishing a stain-inflicting crayon. Other days I’m doing the weekly shop, making a fool of myself at the local soft-play, and helping my sister-in-law with the school pick up. In these moments, the thought of being in anything other than easy stretchy leggings and a baggy top is unimaginable.


I look back at photos of me at University wearing the tightest ever skinny jeans and the most figure-hugging tops and I wonder how I coped. Feeling good in what I wear now is all about how comfortable I feel. Perhaps I’m my mother already, or perhaps I’ve realised that a body that’s pushed out a tiny human deserves to be relaxed when possible, and not hoicked into a sausage casing.

The key

With all that being said, I am a sucker for fashion. I love it! I read the high-end glossy mags when time allows and drool over the outfits of Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama. That’s when I realised the key to it all. What these mummy-icons have in common is that they wear good quality, well-fitting, simple pieces to achieve that perfect “I’m-breezing-through-motherhood-don’t-stop-me-now” look. I’ve been known to head straight to the cheap stores with the other droves in the hopes of finding decent pieces. I’ve been left sorely disappointed, and most of it ends up in the charity shop before the season is out. We need to be rid of the quick cheap fashion and invest in good quality luxurious staple pieces that we know will look good.

The wish list

Cobuydi offers a gorgeous premium range of luxury clothing in an array of amazing quality fabric and styles. All their pieces from dresses to accessories are absolutely swoon-worthy, and whether you’re treating yourself or hinting to hubby – all their items can be packaged and delivered in signature gift boxes. Uh, yes please!

Here’s my wish list inspired by current trends and my favourite leading ladies that you can guarantee will see you from the speedy school run to a mummy meet up…

1. ZIBI LONDON Pearl Sleeve Blouse, £32.00

Navy is such an essential colour and suits all skin types! Stay classy with this gorgeous pearl embellished blouse. Find it here. 

2. ZIBI LONDON Navy Knitted Jacket, £30.00

I LOVE this jacket. So easy to throw on over a simple white t-shirt and jeans, and yet it looks as though a stylist has put the outfit together! Perfect for school runs in the morning when there’s a chill in the air. Find it here.

3. BOOPACKS Boo Backpack, £79.00

After switching several times between shoulder bags and backpacks, I am fully into backpacks! With a toddler, it’s so much easier for me to have my hands free! Why be limited to standard change bags? Go for a fashion bag and look good at any occasion! This lush style is available in different colours, find them here.


4. HOOK LDN Wander Sunglasses, £95.00

Sunglasses are a vital accessory if you end up rushing out before you have a chance to put your makeup on! Hide all manner of sins and late nights under these sleek sunglasses. Find them here. 

5. IMPRESHUNZ Ashley Navy Blue High Waist Jeggings, £24.99

I am a huge jegging fan. Softer and more comfortable than normal starchy jeans (plus high waisted to hide any trace of mum tum!), these will go with any outfit and look fabulous paired with ankle boots or simple pumps. Find them here. 

 6. COLE Katie Cashmere Scarf, £49.99

This solves the daily dilemma of “is it warm enough out there for just a t-shirt?” Wrap this gorgeous oversized scarf around you and feel comforted and glamorous! Find it here. 

7. ANGELEYE Grey Oversized Duster Coat, £84.00

This item had to be on my wishlist knowing how unpredictable the UK weather is! Thin enough to be thrown over any outfit yet giving you a well-needed extra layer, this coat is practical and super stylish. Love love love! Find it here.

What do you think of my picks? Let me know in the comments below!

*While this is a collaborative post, all thoughts and writings are my own

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