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I have always been into exercise and keeping fit, obviously doing more at some times and less at others. It is really tricky to get the proper exercise that I want to do with little ones around. There are no gym close enough to me that have a crèche so I tend to go out running or do at-home workouts using DVDs or YouTube. I find first thing in the morning works best for me as I’m usually too tired by the time evening comes around.

I have been trying out an at-home workout programme called Mummy Workouts. The idea of the programme is that there are several classes that you can ‘attend’ and using your laptop, you can view the classes from a qualified trainer, online and follow along at home.


What I Liked:

~ I really liked the range of classes – Legs, Bums & Tums, Yoga, All Over Workout and Stretch class

~ You can use your webcam so the trainer can see you and correct your technique etc

~ Equally, if you don’t want to be seen, you can still watch and take part in the class, without your webcam on.

~ You don’t any special equipment to do the workouts and you don’t need much space. Lots of bodyweight exercises and not exercise that takes up a lot of room like aerobics.

~ The classes are 30 minutes long which I think is the perfect length of time.

~ The price. For a monthly membership, for as many classes as you’d like, it is £12. You can even sign up for a year for only £96 – so much cheaper than a gym membership.


What I Wasn’t as Keen on:

~ You need to have to latest version of Google Chrome to use the software. Not a major issue, just something to think about and plan to download it (for free) before you start.

~ It really needs to be used on a laptop or desktop computer, not a tablet. Again, not a major issue, but something to think about where you would do the workouts if all you have is a desktop computer. It works without a webcam on android phones though.

~ The times of the classes at the moment are fairly limited. There are only evening classes, starting at 7.30pm and 8.15pm. The later classes were better for me as the husband comes in from work around 7.30pm so it can get busy then seeing him, sorting his dinner and getting the kids to bed. This is a situation unique to me though as I know a lot of people that this would be the perfect time for them to exercise. I would prefer morning classes but the times of classes will change depending on demand and as Mummy Workouts grows.

Overall though, I really enjoyed it, the trainers are great and I would recommend the programme. If you want to try Mummy Workouts, you can sign up for a FREE 7-day trial here.

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Rebecca x

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*I was offered the trial free of charge, in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.

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