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I was lucky to be invited to a blogger event for the launch of Mustela in the UK. Quite embarrassingly, I had never heard of the brand before, though it is really big in Europe, particularly France. Mustela do a lovely, natural range of baby  & mum-to-be skincare products including products from baby massage oil to moisturising cream, decongestant rub and baby perfume (not as weird as it sounds)!

All of the Mustela range can be used from birth because of the natural ingredients and the rigorous testing all of the products go through. The brand has been around for 60 years and they work with doctors and dermatologists to make sure their products are safe and effective.


I’m big into natural and organic products and whilst this isn’t organic, it is free from parabens and not full of chemicals, like I often find with baby products (and the reason why you can’t use them with your baby from birth). The products use natural ingredients, mostly from plants. These include the following, all having cleansing and repairing properties:

  • Avocado
  • Sunflower
  • Lupin
  • Shea
  • Aloe Vera

At the event we were given a masterclass in baby massage which was great as again, embarrassingly, it was not something I ever properly did with my children, yet anyway. It was really interesting and have tried it out. The professional there also said that you should try shaking your baby’s hand when they cry, to help soothe them – worth a try!

mustela1 mustela2


Anyway, I’m really glad I know now a lot about the products and I have been using them on my children (and myself) 😉

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