My 30 Before 30

Now, I must stress that I am still over a year off being 30 πŸ˜‰

I just thought that if I write down the things I want to do or achieve by the time I am thirty, they are much more likely to happen. one of the many great things about having a blog is that you are accountable to people. Kind of. They might expect to see updates on my plans or ask me how I am doing with it. So without further ado, here is my ’30 Before 30′. Some I have completed already as I have had this idea in my head for quite a while.



  • Own a pair of Louboutins heels
  • Get better at using my DSLR and editing pictures
  • Go on a TV show – βˆš (the less said about it, the better) πŸ˜‰
  • Reach over 5000 followers on Instagram
  • Get under 30 minutes for a 5k run
  • Eat at a Michelin Starred restaurant
  • Visit a Continent that I have not been to before  – there are Antartica, Oceania, South America left.
  • Complete a Triathlon – βˆš
  • Go Skiing – I have only ever been on dry ski slopes before. This one will be ticked off in April, wahoo!
  • Go on an elephant ride – βˆš


  • Write a post for somewhere like the Huffington Post
  • Have another baby (!)
  • Visit Las Vegas – βˆš
  • Go ice skating in NYC – βˆš
  • Meet David Beckham – βˆš
  • Save Β£1000
  • Finish reading the Flavia de Luce book series
  • Visit my sister in Japan
  • Be back at a size 12
  • Go to Thailand – βˆš
  • Swim with Sharks – βˆš
  • Start a happiness journal to document the things that make me smile everyday
  • Give up fizzy drinks
  • Do a Colour Run – βˆš


  • Fire a gun (at a shooting range, not at people or animals) – βˆš
  • Learn to make macarons that don’t collapse
  • Watch all of the Star Wars films back to back
  • Eat a food I have never tried before
  • Get involved with a charity or volunteer
  • Go in a Hot Air Balloon

Ok, that is 10 down, 20 to go! I can do this, right? Wish me luck! Have you done a something before something post? I’d love to read what you have chosen.

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