My Advice for Wearing Contact Lenses

A lot of people don’t know that I have ridiculously bad eyesight. I have needed to wear glasses off and on since I was about twelve years old. It started off just needing them for the blackboard at school. I hated wearing them and rarely did. I think I just got used to life looking a little bit fuzzy and just carried on. When I was fifteen, it all got too much. So I decided that I wanted to start wearing contact lenses. I went up to the opticians one day after school. Then I started my contact lense trial. I didn’t struggle with the ‘touching my eye’ part of lenses and don’t think they hurt at all.

firmoo2My life was changed! Who knew things could actually look clear and sharp?! I vividly remember being on the bus home, wearing my new contact lenses, and being amazed at all I could see. So since then, I haven’t looked back. Quite literally!

I haven’t always been the best at taking care of my eyes and contact lenses, though. So I just wanted to share my tips and advice for wearing them. As someone who can never have laser eye surgery, due to how scarred my eyes are, I want you to know the importance of proper care.

The first thing is to make sure that you make a note of the day that you start using them. That is if they are a monthly or fortnightly pair. So often I found that my lenses felt fine. They didn’t feel dry and due to laziness (and stupidity), I would just wear them until they felt uncomfortable. How ridiculous is that? So regardless of how they feel, throw them away when they are past their usage. Daily contact lenses are a bit different, though. Those need to be thrown away at the end of each day.

My second piece of advice is to make sure that you have a pair of glasses that you like. I wear my contact lenses the majority of the time. However, my eyes do need a break from time to time. I don’t like using my lenses all the time when I’m on holiday and will be swimming, or when I’m traveling or quite tired. So having a pair that I will want to put on my face is a must. I quite often choose to wear daily contact lenses now as there are days when I want to wear my glasses. Then I don’t feel like I have ‘wasted’ a day with my monthly lenses. If you are looking for an alternative way to improve your vision, visit Contact Lenses UK.


Second of all, make sure that you have regular eye appointments. As a contact lens wearer, you are more likely to get infections in your eye. As someone that has had infections and ulcers in my eye, I can tell you how painful and horrible it is. I couldn’t see out of one eye because of an ulcer before! So see your optician regularly and clean your lenses regularly too. Don’t ever just use normal water to clean them. You need to have the right solution so that it can kill any bacteria or microorganisms, which can be in the regular water.

Do you wear contact lenses? Have you ever had any trouble with them?

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  • I’ve had to wear glasses since I was 11 years old, and I’ve hated it the majority of the time. I used to hate the NHS thick rimmed glasses! I had laser eye surgery in 2007 before I got married – it worked… for a while. I have to wear glasses again now! My eyes are terrible and I can’t do without my glasses anymore, but I feel really weird about touching my eye. I’m not sure I could do contact lenses. IT sounds like great advice though! 🙂
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  • Good advice. I had contact lenses for years but gave up on them when the children were tiny. I didn’t have time to care for the lenses properly so thought it best to give up. So far I haven’t felt I want to go back.

  • It’s interesting to know that you still keep a pair of glasses that you’d like to wear whenever you want to take a break from your contact lenses. I’m thinking that getting prescription contact lenses can help me avoid traditional eyeglasses, but I guess they can still be a necessity. I’ll try to consult a nearby optometrist and get myself checked before buying a pair.