What I Wish I’d Known When I Started Blogging

I was recently asked for some advice that I could give to someone setting up a new blog. It really got me thinking, what are the things I have learnt from blogging? So if, you are thinking of starting your own blog, or just want to know a bit more about the blogging world, then pull up a chair and listen in…

1. WordPress vs. Blogger – My first blog was set up on blogger and I did learn all about HTML and the ins and outs of blogging from that. However, I just couldn’t find the right look on it. Having read other blogs, the ones I liked the look of the most were the WordPress ones. So, I made the switch and I’m glad I did. I think it is simpler to understand and I think it looks simpler, in a good way, and looks more professional (just my opinion). If you want to stick with blogger though I would recommend using something like Disqus for the comments because that was one thing that really put me off blogger.

2. Know what you Goals are – This will help solve a lot of problems and confusion. You have to think if your blog will just be fashion, beauty, parenting or just lifestyle. Sometimes when I read blogs that are a bit of everything (some parenting advice, then modelling clothes, then reviewing a new self-tan) there is little consistency and I think it is better when you are posting about what you are happiest posting about and your readers know what to expect. There is also a big community in blogging so you want to join a blogging community right for you and to help you get the right kind of readership.

3. Get a Twitter Account – Oh my goodness, I wish someone had told me this when I first started blogging! Such a BIG blogging community on Twitter. There are Twitter blogging parties and Twitter Blog Chats each week so you can all share posts and share ideas etc. It is also a great way to stay connected with the blogs / bloggers you like and get in touch with PRs and companies you might be reviewing things of. I love Twitter!

4. Sign up to Blog Forums / Networks – There are lots of different blog networks around that you can sign up for. I think they are great because some just give you ideas for new posts (such as the ‘Next’ Blogger Network) and then you can submit your posts to them that are themed with their suggestions and they will share on their site. This is great for two reasons ; you get ideas for posts if you’re in a bit of a rut or new to blogging so not sure and as they put / promote your post on their site you will get new readers (and then ususally as a result, find some new blogs to read yourself). One other reason why I think it is worth signing up for blog networks / forums is that you can make some money from your blog – bonus! Blogging is something I enjoy and would do without making any money but as you can submit posts to networks such as Tots100 and if they like it thye will pay you for sharing it on their site. Also, the more people that know about your blog the more likely you are to be approached by PRs / companies that may pay you for a review of their product or send you some lovely freebies to review. I know not everyone will be interested in that kind of thing and will just want their most to be more about their life and that’s fine. Some people though want to review products and signing up to networks is a great way to do so.

5. Be Social – Share your blog on  all the different social media forums you are a part of. When I first started blogging I was a little but reluctant to share with my Facebook friends. I thought if they were people I actually knew it would be super cringey but having made a Facebook page for my blog I share with my friends and there are some of my most regular readers, commenting on the posts on wordpress and on Facebook. Just be brave and get sharing!

Hopefully these few things will help and inspire you to start a blog – let me know if you do!

Rebecca x

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