My Day at the Ideal Home Show

I have heard about the Ideal Home Show and other such shows, but have never been. I was invited along by Tefal this year to learn about one of their new kitchen gadgets, so it was a fun afternoon out. I went along by myself and it was nice to wander, browse and not have to set an specific time frame for anyone or anything.


There were some amazing show homes that you could look at. I love home and interiors and they were so beautifully decorated – major inspiration for me! There were so many lovely food stands and food demos. I stopped by and saw Dean Edwards demonstration and it was interesting talk about his time on Masterchef. It was nice that there were different aspects to see demos of at the show; food, home, gardening and even beauty. Not sure they are home related but I did get myself a cheeky new eyebrow kit! It was lovely to stop by the Lindt stand too…



I will admit, sometimes it did feel like I was in an episode of The Apprentice. A few pushy sales people that give you daggers when you say you don’t want to buy something. I speak my mind and won’t be pushed into getting things that I don’t want! There were only a few, though. A lot of people are happy for you to just browse and see a demo of their products. To me, that is much more likely to make me buy it than them using blatant sales techniques. Sometimes it was quite laughable – bless them.


Thanks to Tefal for having me and the demonstration that I saw there. I’m looking forward to trying out the new cook4me kitchen gadget and getting a bit creative in the kitchen.

Have you ever been to the Ideal Home Show? Did you enjoy it?


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