My Favourite Overnight Oats Recipes

I had seen ‘Overnight Oats’ all over Pinterest and the sound of it just sounded really gross to me. It sounded like it would just be cold porridge. How wrong could I have been?

My sister was over visiting once and she told me that she had overnight oats everyday for breakfast and that I really should give it a go. Yes, it is served cold, which does sound odd, but once you’ve tasted it and realise how yummy it is, you won’t look back. Plus, you can do so many varieties to suit you. It’s quick delicious and low fat.


Some of my favourite recipes I’ve found and tried are:

Lauren Conrad’s Oats, Almond Milk and Banana – tastes good if you add a dollop of peanut or almond butter just before you eat it

Apple Pie Oats from Heavy Weights & Skinny Jeans – these are my absolute fave! I have these the most

Slimming World Mixed Berry Oats – you know it’s not going to be bad for you if it’s part of Slimming World

Whole Foods Vanilla Nut Oats – really tasty and you can add some dried fruit like cranberries and apricots

So as you will see, the basic premise is the same, needing oats and either water, skimmed milk or almond milk (some recipes need fat-free yoghurt but others don’t). Then you can basically add in anything you want; fruit, spices, dried fruit, nuts… the list goes on. Super quick, super easy, good for you and delicious.

Have you got any yummy overnight oats recipes you love?

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