My Favourite Things for Making Home Life Easier

I think if my grandparents were around to see all that we have in terms of technology these days, they would be amazed – there is something for everything and everyone, with more and more coming on the market as we speak.

One thing I have come across recently is the Smart home lock. It simply needs your presence and your smartphone’s Bluetooth connection in order to work and unlock the door for you. For example, the Goji Smart Lock not only gives this kind of access to the home, but sends real time images of others who are at your door, straight to your smart phone – crazy hey? But great all at the same time. Generally, a smart lock will relay all kinds of information to you about who’s used it (using their assigned key of course) and the details of their comings and goings. Even garage doors are getting in on the act, working via a touchscreen command. Can you imagine this with teenagers? Ha knowing what time they left places and when they cam back in!

“yes I love technology…”


We don’t have oodles of tech at home but I have two absolute favourites; Magimix Blender and iPad.

Where do I start with my blender? I love it and I use it on a daily basis. It is a pretty strong one with a massive range of settings so I can use it for a massive variety of things. I of course use it for the standard smoothies but it is also strong enough to make soups with, nut butters and nut milks, so it really makes being healthy and making natural food from scratch really easy. It is a decent size too so fits nicely on our worktop, without taking up much room. A little bit sad how much love I have for the blender!

Now I love our iPad for several reasons. The first one is that it makes things like blogging and browsing so much easier than getting the laptop out all the time. Another reason is that watching Netflix is always more fun on a larger screen rather than my phone.

The third reason is how much the kids love it, how did people parent without them/ Before everyone gets all judgey, they do use it only at selected times and I monitor what they watch but for times when we are in the car on a long journey, it is so valuable. It really makes life easier and I guess that is what new technology is all about.

What are your favourite gadgets to use at home?

Rebecca x

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