My Festive Playlist…

I spotted a competition on BritMums about blogging your Top 5 festive songs – I typically missed the deadline to be entered for a prize but thought I would blog them down anyway…

1. I was listening to it over and over this afternoon so it has to be ‘O Holy Night’. I love it as it really focuses on the true meaning of Christmas and I remember singing it when I was in a choir for my church and remember to trying to get that oh so high note at the end of the song. I pretty much like most versions of the song, as there have been hundreds, but Celine Dion, Il Divo or the Glee Cast are probably my preferred. (Stay clear of Jessica Simpsons version – far too breathy for my liking)!

2. Next it has got to be ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ by Mariah Carey – what an absolute TUNE! I love it and always gets me feeling festive. My brother did a degree in music and he described this song as ‘musical genius’.

3. ‘Santa Claus is coming to Town’. Again, pretty much any version of it but its just a happy, upbeat song that takes me back to my childhood and singing this with my sisters at the top of our lungs.

4. I really like the Michael Buble version of ‘Silent Night’. It is one of my favourite Christmas hymns and makes me feel all fuzzy. Plus, the Buble’s voice is amaze so lovely to listen to too!

5. ‘Stay another Day’ by East 17 – I know this one isn’t directly about Christmas but I remember this being number one for weeks and weeks and remember being sat in the living room of my old house watching the Christmas day Top of the Pops and watching them perform. It reminds me of happy times.

If you haven’t listened to any of these, check them out on YouTube and let me know what you think – happy festive songtime 🙂

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