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I was recently invited to a blogger event in London by the lovely people at VoucherCodes. It was an event that I could take the kids and hubby to (though he was busy climbing Snowdon) so I was really excited to go.

The focus of the event was on how we can save money and budget for kids activities, particularly with the summer holidays coming up – their research showed that 1 in 10 parents get into credit card debt just so they can take their children to the zoo, amusement park etc, in the summer holidays. Over half of parents have reported that they worry about the long summer holiday and what to do with the kids, plus the stress of child care, so it was a really interesting day.

I had been too anxious to go to anything bigger, like BritMums Live (hope to brave it next year) so Max, Chloe and I trundled off to London on the train to Maggie & Rose, a lovely ‘soft play’ centre in Kensington for my first blog event. It was quite a bizarre feeling walking into a room where I recognised a lot of people, from their blog, Twitter or Instagram, yet I didn’t actually know any of them. It was fun to try and link up who was who and what their blog is.

Max had such a great time. There was a children’s entertainer doing balloons, there was painting, cookie decorating, play-doh,lots of lovely food and of course lots of bubbles (always a big hit with the boy).

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We all had such a great day, had lots of fun and learnt some interesting things about how we can save money and what kind of low cost activities we can do with our little ones over the holidays (plus we got a gorge goody bag with some lovely things from Boden). I was thrilled to be invited to the event. Probably sounds really cheesy but I felt like a ‘proper’ blogger, meeting other bloggers and sharing our experiences.

What are some of your favourite things to do for cheap or free, with the kids?

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