My Teenage Self

Though I would hardly call myself old, my teenage years seem like so long ago! There are many things that I look back on and wish I had done differently, though of course somethings that I would definitely do exactly the same, equally learning from both situations. Hindsight is a funny old thing.

a freezing cold in NYC, 18 year old me!

I would tell myself to take better care of myself, in a variety of ways:

  • Sleep – would let myself know that sleeping until lunchtime is just not a productive use of time. There is such a thing as oversleeping!
  • Sun – I was (and yes, still am), a bit of a sun junkie. I love the sunshine and holidays and was rather naughty, a lot, with suncream (basically lack of) and just thought that I “won’t get a tan” if I use it. I was also partial to the odd sunbed now. Something I am pretty against now. Makes me cringe when I think of it now.
  • TeethMy teeth are I no way awful but they could certainly be better! I don’t think teenage me would have known what floss even was (gross). I remember that crawling into bed after a late night, as soon as I go through the door, would take preference over any teeth or skincare routine of an evening (double gross).
    • I never had braces growing up but I think they are so important. Like I say, my teeth aren’t awful but they could be improved. I think what invisible-bracesputs a lot of people off is the fact that braces can take around 2 years to work their magic. Sensu have a great treatment called Fastbraces that make straightening your teeth takes half that time, and they are clear, invisible braces. I would have certainly had them done back in the day if that type of thing had been available.
  • Exercise – whilst I was pretty fit back then (doing a Sport & Exercise Science degree and on the University netball team), I only did exercise when I needed to really, which was basically netball training. I did watch what I ate and was happy with my figure. I would loved to however, been super strong and toned and made exercise a really important part of my life. I want to be one of those people that can’t survive unless they’ve worked out every day. I know that it is is definitely not too late to change this, just harder to implement I suppose.


What kind of things would you say to your younger self?

Rebecca x

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  • Above all else, I think I would tell my younger and more insecure self not to worry so much about fitting in with other people and to have the confidence to believe in being myself more. It took me way too long to really not care about what other people thought I should be and just focus on being me.

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