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I have had a YouTube Channel for a while now but I haven’t really done a huge amount with it. I have posted a few review videos (one of which shockingly has had over 32,000 views!) but that is pretty much it. I want to utilise YouTube more and get some vlogs on the go. I’m fairly certain they wouldn’t be daily vlogs but I like the idea of a weekly one. I love the raw, unedited version of vlogs and think it would be lovely to have these kinds of things recorded for my family.

the basics of

Below is my new channel ‘trailer’ and a little intro about me and what you will see on the channel. I you like what you see, please subscribe and follow along (do be kind though, I’m really new at this and need to watch some tutorials on video editing)!

Are you on YouTube? Let me know your link and I’ll subscribe 🙂

Rebecca x

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