Nearly 3 months…

~ smiles and giggles all the time
~ chats away and coo’s
~ doesn’t like sitting in a bumbo!
~ is still a very hungry boy!
~ is fitting into his 3-6 month clothes
~ sleeps really well at night (I have been very blessed with that one!!) and usually just wakes up once
~ likes hanging out in the Baby Bjorn (it’s a great way to get him to nearly instantly go to sleep)
~ loves kicking on his play mat
~ likes to watch the washing machine and listen to the vacuum (result!)
~ is growing loads more hair (phew, we were hoping he wouldn’t be like his daddy and be bald until he was two)
~ likes to suck on his knuckles instead of a dummy
~ growing super fast

Most people told me that I would feel ‘human’ again by 3 months and I think that is definitely true. Max is going to be blessed at our church in two weeks time and we are all excited for the family to get together!

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