New Jersey Will Leave Your Family with Plenty of Memories

There are some destinations that seem to be able to punch above their weight when you see the amount of things that they can offer visitors in terms of fun things to see and do and top attractions and New Jersey is a classic example of that.

It might be a small state in terms of size compared to plenty of the others but this part of the U.S has managed to make the very most of the space it has available, which makes it a great place to come and visit.

Here is a look at some of the many things you might want to put on your itinerary when you start to plan a family trip to New Jersey.

Enjoy NJ’s rival to Niagara

You can always find somewhere comfortable and convenient to stay in when you come to New Jersey, like the Fairfield Inn & Suites Paramus, for instance, but wherever you end up you won’t be far from a worthy attraction that is worth spending some time exploring.

One of those top attractions has to be Paterson Great Falls.

Many people regard the Great Falls as a worthy alternative to the more high-profile Niagara Falls and if you get a vantage point on the footbridge that spans Falls Gorge, you will no doubt agree with that sentiment.

Outstanding natural beauty

Staying on the theme of awesome natural views the family can’t fail to be impressed by one of the states most popular natural areas, the High Point State Park.

There are over fifty interesting trails you can follow throughout the 16,000-acre park and whichever one you choose you are bound to be rewarded with an incredible view of the area and the imposing Catskill Mountains creating a spectacular backdrop.

At the tip of New Jersey

New Jersey is a state that is blessed with some very attractive coastal towns that you and your family will love coming to.

Cape May is one of those destinations and should be on your must-see list if you like the prospect of lovely manicured beaches, photogenic scenery, plus the prospect of plenty of things to see and do during your time in the area.

You might decide to take an exciting whale-watching cruise or simply enjoy wandering around some of the prettiest streets you are likely to find, confirming the reason why Cape May is enduringly-popular and is a magnet for visitors every year.

Enjoy a bit of history

Many kids love the chance to explore something awesome like a battleship and learn all about its history, so the New Jersey battleship moored in Camden on the Delaware River is well worth a visit.

It remains one of the largest battleships built, which is incredible when you consider it was launched back in 1942, and the organized tours are well worth booking to appreciate why this most highly-decorated vessel is a big attraction in the state.

Whatever you decide to do with your time in New Jersey it has plenty going for it and there will be many opportunities to create some great family memories.


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