Pregnancy Update

Well, here we are with a month left to go! I’m feeling rather huge but pretty happy and healthy.

I saw a consultant last week, talking about options for the birth (vbac or elective section due to an emergency section last time) and the result was inconclusive. Turns out little Miss U is in quite an awkward position (head down but almost back to back with me) and so they had a hard time checking her heart rate. So I was taken up to the delivery suite (scary, much?) to be put on a bigger monitor to listen to her heart. Even with me holding the sensors in place it was still tricky to get a consistent heart rate as they usually want you to be monitored for about 30 minutes.

So, next thing, I was taken for a scan (I’m just glad Mr. U was working from home that day so I didn’t have Max with me – I was there for hours and it would have been a nightmare with toddler in tow). All was fine with the heart beat and I had been feeling baby move so wasn’t too alarmed or anything but they love to do their checks. The scan did bring to our attention though a reduction in amniotic fluid, which at 34 weeks as I was then, is a little unusual, especially as baby was measuring big rather than small. From the scan they could tell that at 34 weeks she was already weighing 6lbs 6oz – I’m pretty sure if she goes full term she will be another 9lb-er like her brother! The joy…

So I am now being monitored week on week and have to have scans to see how the fluid is going. If it keeps going down, baby may have to be delivered early but it could stay the same, so we will just wait and see…! I haven’t been put on strict bed rest or anything but just advised to rest up as much as I can. There’s less ‘padding’ around the baby now so they want to avoid bumps and bashes to the belly – any excuse to just chill 😉

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I really need to start getting a hospital bag together though. I haven’t done anything about it yet as it just doesn’t seem real yet, if that makes sense. The baby will be here in a matter of weeks! I have a few mummy hospital things to get but other than that we should be good to go.

Max really doesn’t seem fazed about having a sibling. He will kiss my tummy when we ask him to be gentle with the baby but that’s about it – it will be a very interesting transition when baby girl does arrive. I’m sure he will be a great big brother and I’m glad it will teach him to share more, especially ‘sharing’ Mummy.

Rebecca x

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