Kick Off The New Year With Some Changes To Your Home

Another year is almost over, and the new year is often a time used to reflect upon all that one has achieved, as well as set motivational goals with hope to kick off 2018 with a bang. Goals might include self development or diet and lifestyle change. For many, their lists consist of household jobs that need seeing too. Lots of couples set goals of budgeting to buy their first home, upsizing or downsizing.

We are naturally inclined to want after something new and exciting once Christmas is over, which is why the new year is the busiest time for estate agents; people are looking to sell around spring as the days get lighter, as a site like will show you. So if you want to sell, then you need to make sure that your house is in tip-top shape to beat the rest.

If you’re looking to sell your property, you may have jobs looming that need taking care of. In fact any homeowner will tell you that there are always jobs to be done around the house. We are forever renovating, renewing or retouching. Whether fashions change and you want to keep up, or you’re bored with the white walls around you, there seems to always be a mental to do list; an extremely long, and expensive to do list.

We stick to it though, because there’s just nothing more satisfying than a home improvement project or a dramatic before and after. Whether it’s fresh new doors or windows, there isn’t anything better than wowing guests with your creative interior style, or simply cosying up on the sofa and admiring your handy work.

If you feel it’s time to make a few adjustments, here are eight top tips for refreshing the home:


A lick of paint goes a long way

Whether it’s just a fresh coat of neutral to allow your furniture to really stand out, or a bold feature wall, roll up your sleeves because you’re about to get messy. Fresh paint will really make a difference when buyers view your house.

Beware of cluttering your home

When people view your home they will want to envision themselves there, so sometimes less is more. Read here about why decluttering will benefit your health.

Often we might fancy a change in the living room and although it’s tempting, it may not be acceptable to buy a new sofa once a quarter! But what you can do is update your accessories. Accessorise according to the holidays and seasons. We’re talking cushions and throws, little pops of colour that change the whole dynamic from winter burgundy’s to spring pinks.



If you’re bored of that tired chest of drawers you’ve had for over a decade, but can’t justify getting rid as it’s in perfect working order, a lick of paint will make a world of difference and save you some pennies. If you’re new to the upcycling world, click here for some help.


There are so many ways to bring light into your homes. Natural light through a conservatory, orangery, sky lights, large windows or doors will make your home brighter and happier. If you don’t have this luxury, just remember there is no such thing as too many candles. Grab a few extra lamps, both day and night lighting is imperative for the perfect home.

Take on board a few of these tips and have fun with it! The only problem you’ll have is that you may fall back in love with your home and won’t want to move after all!

Rebecca x

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