Making Your Next Move As Easy As Possible

Making your moving day as stress free as possible might sound like an impossible task. I mean, you’ve probably already been pulling your hair out with everything you’ve had on your plate so far. Just relax. This guide is going to help you to make your next move as breezy as possible, so moving into your new home is one of the best times of your life. Read on to learn more:

Thoroughly Research The Best Moving Companies To Help You

It’s unlikely you’re going to be able to move to wherever you’re going all by yourself, especially if you’ve accumulated lots of stuff over the years. Thoroughly research the best moving companies to help you move, whether you’re moving a few towns over, or even countries. Research is essential, and if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is. There have been horror stories of people’s stuff just not turning up.



Consider Hiring A Van

If you don’t have that much stuff to take over, you could consider hiring a van and driving yourself. This is great if you only have a handful of things and want to minimize the hassle of it all beforehand.

Speak To People Who Have Done It Before

It could be a huge help to chat to people who have done it before you, if you’re new to the situation. This is especially a good idea if you’re moving to another country and becoming expats – but you probably already know how much research needs to be done before you go about doing that. There are many forums you can read up on for even more tips and tricks, and there are a ton of blog posts out there to help you. For instance, this Definitive Guide to Buying Property.

Recruit Your Friends

Don’t be afraid to recruit your friends and family to help you on your moving day. If you don’t ask that much of them the rest of the time, they should be more than happy to assist you here. After all, they are probably a little sad to see you go too! Get them to help you pack up, and if they have other things they can do for you, ask them. Maybe your friend owns a huge van or a truck. Be cheeky. You won’t know if you don’t just ask! Give them something in return, if possible.

Get a Baby/Pet Sitter

If you’re not moving all that far away, getting a pet or baby sitter could be a good idea. Moving day can be just as stressful for the kids and pets as it is for the adults. Sometimes more so! If you’re moving pets to a new location, you will need to have set them up their own areas before you arrive. Putting things they are used to there will help them get accustomed to their new abode, but they might act a little strangely at first. For the kids, it’s a good idea to get their rooms set up as much as you can before you bring them in. Moving them around can be scary and give them anxiety, as they just can’t comprehend what this will mean for them. Make sure you’re aware of this and do everything you can to make it easy on your little ones.

Triple Check Your Old Home For Belongings

Before you leave your old home, double and triple check for anything you may have left behind. Check under things, on top of things, anywhere things might be hiding. You don’t want to leave anything important behind.

Take Your Time Packing

If you spend a little bit longer packing your things carefully, then you should have to do all that much work when it comes to unpacking on your arrival. There are many cool tips and tricks you can use for packing certain items too. For instance, if you have a chest of drawers full of items, don’t take all of the items out. Simply wrap up the drawers tightly with saran wrap or something stronger, and you’re good to go.


Pack Up And Label

When packing things in boxes, make sure you label each box accurately as you go along. Don’t mix up your rooms. Put things from the same rooms in the same boxes so that unpacking is a breeze. Write the room on the box and if you can, write down the items inside too.

Create Emergency Boxes

Creating emergency boxes, or even ‘first night’ boxes is a good idea. What will you expect to need on your first night/day in your new home, when you’re tired from all of the hard work you’ve put in? It’s unlikely you’re going to want to unpack everything as soon as you arrive. You’ll need to do it in increments so you don’t get overwhelmed. In your box you could put toiletries, a set of knives and forks, as well as anything else you think will make this experience better for you.

De-clutter and Purge

Purging before you pack up is a great idea. Get rid of the things you can afford to lose, maybe give them away or sell them. By making sure you’re taking as little with you to your new place as possible, you’ll save yourself energy and money.

Give Yourself Plenty Of Time

Give yourself plenty of time to do important tasks before it’s time to go. For instance, defrosting your freezer. Don’t go about doing this the day before you leave! Make a list of important tasks that you need to do and work on them when it makes sense too.

Take Pictures Of Electronics

To make it easy for you to set everything back up the way it was, take pictures of your electronics before you unplug them. Wiring everything back up again can be an absolute nightmare, and it’s unlikely you want to have to read all the manuals again. Taking clear photos to help you later on will save your life.


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