Nicholas Sparks – Review

I have been reading Nicholas Sparks’ books since I was in my late teens. One of my best friends had a few of them so she would lend them to me after she was finished with them.

Sparks has written 18 novels and I have so far read 12 of them… just a few more to go.

The ones I have read are:

– The Notebook

– Message in a Bottle

– A Walk to Remember

– A Bend in the Road

– The Last Song

– The Guardian

– Nights in Rodanthe

– True Believer

– Dear John

– The Lucky One

– Safe Haven

– The Best of Me

I can highly recommend them all – I have shed tears at everyone of them too so definitely a good read, in my opinion. But all tears for different reasons – some are genuinely sad stories, others happy tears. Sparks writes the characters so well and they all have lots going on in their life that unravel throughout the stories. There are sometimes characters and stories connect with each other throughout too but you don’t see how until the end. They all have a focus on love and relationships and characters falling in love etc but there is always a twist. Some focus other relationships too such as improving relationships within a family, father and son etc.

You feel so many emotions reading his books. There is a lot of happiness but some of the books don’t end how you think (or want them to) which does work but sometimes left me feeling a bit sad – if you’ve seen any of the books that have been made into films you will understand what I mean! But hey, this is life. I can really get into books and I think I am just an old romantic at heart, happy endings and all that, but I would still highly recommend them.

The ones that have been made into films, so far, are:


As you can see, they all have babes as the leading men which makes them even more appealing. Sparks writes the best male characters, they are all the perfect guys, all different but all great, so you can get lost in a little world of your own when reading. The leading lady characters can sometimes be frustrating and a little bit annoying (haha) but on the whole they aren’t that bad. It can just feel when you are reading that they need to be shaken to make them appreciate what they have got. Haha how crazy do I sound??

I would recommend the books, or the films to anyone. Well, if you are female, not too sure how they would go down from a male perspective – though my hubs has watched some of the films with me and quite enjoyed them!

The old saying of the book is always better is true in the case all of these I think, as some things are done differently or can’t be portrayed as easily in a film, but still worth a watch – just make sure you have your tissues at the ready.


Have you read any of the books? Do you have a fave?




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