No-Bake Muesli Bars

Here is a yummy and easy recipe for home-made muesli bars. They are really yum and you can alter different things to suit your preferences. They went down a treat with my hubs for his on-the-go breakfasts… got to love commuting!


To make two large baking trays full, you will need:

– 320g unsalted butter (or approx. 300ml Oilve Oil)

– 240 ml golden syrup – 250g soft light brown sugar

– 250g wholegrain rolled oats – 200g desiccated coconut

– 125g dried apricots, finely chopped

– 60g dried dates, finely chopped

– 125g cornflakes (or Special K flakes that are higher in protein)

– 125g sunflower seeds (or any other seed you prefer)

– 60g dried cranberries

– 125g shelled walnuts, chopped (or almonds – great for helping to lower blood pressure)

– 125g raisins


What to do (it’s super easy):

– Melt the butter, syrup and sugar in a large saucepan medium until melted and smooth.

– Mix all the other ingredients in the largest bowl you have and stir until all mixed.

– Pour in the butter / syrup mixture to the oat mix and stir until all combined.

– Press into baking trays (I used two – and didn’t need to grease them, but up to you.

– Refrigerate for at least two hours before eating – enjoy!

Some of the ingredients you may already have in the store cupboard at home, like oats and raisins, but getting all the dried fruit may be a little expensive. However, this recipe makes LOTS  so it will last for for breakfasts & snacks for more than a week. You could just half the recipe though if you don’t need or want to make a lot. If there are things you aren’t so keen on, such as dessicated coconut, just add a little more of the oats. The dried fruit can be eliminated all together though if you want or you can substitute for chocolate chips and peanuts – whatever takes your fancy.

Let me know what you think!   x

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