Incredible Non-Disney Destinations in Florida for Your Family Holiday

If someone says “family holiday in Florida,” do you immediately think of Disney? Many families take their first American trip to Orlando to experience the thrills of the theme parks. And yet, there’s so much more to Florida than just Disney World. If theme parks aren’t your family’s thing, there are many other reasons to visit Florida. People were amazed when a few years ago we visited Florida for two weeks but only spend two days in theme parks! Its short flight-time compared to other US destinations makes it ideal for some sunshine. Any family that loves the outdoors will find plenty to do. Or if you prefer a more relaxed holiday at a slow pace, you can unwind in your preferred location. Check out some of these ideas to plan your next trip to Florida.

Find Wildlife on the Everglades

The Everglades can seem like a mystical place. They offer up tonnes of fun for wildlife-loving families. You have the opportunity to spot alligators and manatees, as well as lots of birds and plenty of plant life. If you’re incredibly lucky, you might even be able to spot a Florida panther. This national park is one that you shouldn’t miss if your family is nuts about flora and fauna. Get in a boat to explore the area from the water, or find some hiking trails to see everything on foot. You’ll find some incredible views, and you can even go snorkelling (just not in the bit with the alligators).



Hire a Yacht

If your family is curious about holidaying on a boat, forget guiding a barge along a canal. Instead, take a trip to Florida and try out a fancy yacht. Miami has to be one of the best places for your own private, luxury cruise. If you’re looking to hire your own yacht, has the best Miami boat rental. During the day, you can sunbathe and swim. Take your boat along the coast to visit different beaches and towns. Stop off at various destinations to enjoy the restaurants and other activities along the way. At night, you can have a party or just settle into bed so you’re refreshed for the next day.

Enjoy a Beach Holiday

Lounging on the beach has long been a favourite activity for holidaymakers. If your family loves beaches, there’s no shortage of places to go in Florida. And you’ll find plenty of sand for building castles and other fun things. While you top up your tan, the kids can have fun playing or splashing in the waves. Choose a beach resort for a holiday that has everything included. If you want somewhere a little quieter, try a location like Sanibel.



Active Holiday

Florida is excellent if you love being outdoors. If lying on the beach isn’t your thing, why not get into the ocean? You’ll find plenty of water sports, from kayaking to windsurfing. Keen walkers can find many places to hike, whether you’re looking for short or long trips. If the kids want to try something unique, head to Bayfront Park in Miami. There, they can take a lesson with professional trapeze artists.

There’s more to Florida than Disney, so why not push the boundaries and explore? Your family could have the time of their lives. Have you ever been?


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