Northern Ireland: A different destination with many hidden beauties

While Ireland is on the list of many travellers, the same is not true of Northern Ireland. This exciting area has a complex history and some beautiful attractions that are worth seeing if you plan to visit it. We have compiled a list of everything you need to do in Northern Ireland.

Visit Bushmills Distillery

Bushmills is the oldest legal whiskey distillery in the world, with a production and distillation license from 1608! The long and unshakable tradition has not stopped despite the many challenges, such as fires and bans. Take a tour of the distillery and stay for a tasting. Do not forget to get an exclusive bottle for home.

Take a tour with a black taxi

The history and political background of Northern Ireland and its capital, Belfast, is at least confusing. Take a walk in the city in a black taxi to learn first-hand and understand the prevailing climate, stopping at some shocking monuments. It’s an easy way to get into the history of the country and ask questions about both sides.

Stay at the Europa Hotel

The famous hotel has hosted many prominent politicians in Belfast. It is worth admiring its beautiful interior where you can enjoy a drink. Its imposing venues have such a long history that they are a pole of attraction for visitors.

Have a drink at the Duke of York

This beautiful pub has something legendary. The interior is warm and welcoming, with loyal guests filling the chairs and the bar. The live music starts at 10 pm and by that time the atmosphere is lively. Relax in a corner after ordering a Guinness at the bar.

See Dark Hedges

Many people know it from Game of Thrones, while others recognize it as a well-photographed image. This is the road with the characteristic age-old, dark beeches that tilt reminiscent of tunnels. Take a walk on the street and take unique photos because the scenery is literally amazing.

Visit the Giant Trail

About 40,000 basalt columns make up this unique landscape. Puzzle-like boulders protruding from the ocean are an iconic addition to the impressive coastline. Climb to the highest point to admire the huge waves and take photos. The sunset at this point is indescribable.

Drive to the seafront

Northern Ireland is known for its impressive coastline which is full of hills, ancient monuments and basalt rocks. Combined with the hazy sky and the green landscapes, the scenery will leave you speechless. Take time to get to know its seafront. It’s a good idea to hire a car or, even better, a bike and drive along the coastline! You can turn to Enjoy Travel, which operates throughout Ireland, renting one of the dozens of available cars at incredible prices for car hire.

Moher rocks

These majestic cliffs stretch 14 miles (14 km) across Burren County in County Clare, Ireland. They have a height of 213 meters and a fantastic view (especially on the cleanest days), while it is one of the most popular and most photographed tourist spots in the country.


Do you like hiking? If the answer is yes, then there is no better place for you than the imposing Glendalough in Wicklow County. Have a bottle of tea and eat like a local sandwich with ham and cheese, and you will be rewarded with the unsurpassed view of Lake Guinness.

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