Several weeks ago, Mike saw an advert online for Disney Fantasia live in concert and he called me up, whilst at work, to let me know about it. He really must have been excited.

Anyway, we found some tickets at a good price and off to the Royal Albert Hall we went. I wasn’t sure how it would work but it was an amazing evening. There was a huge screen that had the Fantasia movies playing and the London Symphony Orchestra were playing the music along to each scene, live. Would recommend it to anyone.

It brought back such memories for both of us. How we would each watch Fantasia with our siblings on sunday afternoons. How my sisters and I would fast forward the ‘scary’ one, but how that one was Mike and his brothers favourite one. The dancing mushrooms. The hippos. And how my sisters and I would name the half horse-half human creatures and want to be them. Rachel always was the one with the long blue hair. I was a pink one. Emma a funny coloured green one. Ha, still makes me smile.

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