Nottingham is touted to be one of the best cities in the UK

Nottingham is a city which is very close to the hearts of the people out there. Nottingham, county town of Nottinghamshire is located on several hills on the north bank of River Trent. The city has got an indeed long tradition as a manufacturing center and a trading hub and it is revered for its fine lace. Off late, it has become a cultural destination and it boasts of several attractions include numerous art galleries and large theaters. Nottingham also hosts great events and festivals, one of the most famous being Nottingham Goose Fair.

The broad streets and splendid parks have played a role in earning the name “Queen of the Midlands.” Moreover, Nottingham is a great base from which they should explore Sherwood Forest, which is the legendary home of Robin Hood. Here are few reasons to visit Nottingham.



Reason #1: History buff will simply fall in love with Nottingham

Nottingham castle alone has enough history attached to it to make people interested for hours. This castle commands a vital position in the city and is perched on Castle Rock. In its first life, it was a Norman castle which was built one year after the Norman Conquest. The present day building that people see is rebuilt extensively and is also influenced by various eras. Next you can explore the City of Caves where you can wander around in few of the most famous streets of Nottingham, learning how they’ve changed with time.

Reason #2: Plenty of museums that are worth visiting

Although it can sound gory, yet you can visit Galleries of Justice which is a museum dedicated totally to punishment and crime. The tour through this gallery can be exciting and different. In this place, you can discover the darker side of Nottingham. If this doesn’t seem too much intriguing, you can take a trip to the Industrial Museum of Nottingham. Go for a coach hire to commute from one place to another.

Reason #3: Music lovers and sports buffs will love this place

There are 2 football clubs to choose from in Nottingham and once you go there, you will find a sea of black and white or red shirts roaming around the city throughout the weekends. Although neither Nottingham Forest nor Nott’s County are in any of the Premiership league, yet they can offer you a good game of football every afternoon. For the music lovers, some venues to consider are Duran Duran, Manic Street Preachers, INXS, R.E.M, The Levellers and many more.

Reason #4: The best place for shopaholics

Not only are there 2 shopping centres, Broadmarsh and Victoria where you will get your favorite clothes, but you also have a wide selection of shops through the Old Market Square which includes one of the biggest Primark’s in England. So, if you’re a shopping buff who loves to wear the best brands in a budget, this is the place for you.

Apart from visiting the above mentioned destinations, you can also go for a coach hire Nottingham service and travel through coaches from one place to another. Make sure you pay the right price to such services.

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