Nutribuddy Meal Replacement Bundle – Review

We all start the year with new year’s resolutions, right? I have been feeling low ever since having a miscarriage over a year ago now, and it has impacted all areas of my life. I have needed to lose weight for health reasons for a while now, and that has only been exacerbated in recent months. Having a hormone imbalance has made losing weight tricky for me, but I have been upping my exercise, in order to help. All before social distancing came into place, of course. At home workouts instead!

I know that there are no quick-fixes when it comes to losing weight, because it does need to be about lifestyle changes. I want to lose weight to feel happier in myself; not because society thinks that I should. So when I was introduced to Nutribuddy to see if I wanted to review their 14-day meal replacement bundle, I was looking forward to trying it out, and see if it could help to give me a boost, to then carry on some weight loss. 

About Nutribuddy

I know that there are a lot of weight-loss products out there that don’t really help you to lose weight. There are products out there that are full of junk like laxatives and preservatives, in order to ‘detox’ your body. So I wanted to do my own research with Nutribuddy, to see what they are all about. 

They were founded by Ella, who created the brand after being frustrated with similar brands in the industry, that claim to care for the environment but offer single-use plastics or products with palm oil, as well as brands that fill their products with artificial ingredients and additives. As she was something trying to get away from all of that, you can see why her products are the opposite; proper ingredients with an ethical and environmental focus – all products are all cruelty-free and vegan. You can read more about vegan meal replacements on their website. This all sounded like good news to me, so I was keen to give it a go.

Meal Replacement Bundle

The meal replacement bundle comes in 14, 28, or 56 day supplies, and comes with 3 shakes that can be used to replace meals or snacks, to help you be healthy and stay in shape. The recommendation, though, is to replace no more than two meals of the day with the shakes, so that you’re getting a completely balanced diet. I had shakes for breakfast and a shake for lunch, with a regular meal (I sometimes had another shake after a workout, but still included a regular meal). The science behind them is simple, as it is a calorie deficit, so it can be a healthy way to lose weight.

In the meal replacement bundle, I got:

Breakfast Shake: it is made up of a blend of gluten-free oats, seeds and coconut. It has the same nutritional value as a bowl of jumbo oats and seeds, but is quick and handy to have for breakfast on the go as it is a shake. 

High-Protein Shake: the shake is low in calories but very high in protein, which helps you to feel fuller for longer. The plant-based protein is rice and pea protein, as well as having gluten-free oats. It can be used as a meal replacement or for a snack on the go (or after exercise). 

HotSlim Drink: this is a slimming drink that you have warm. It is low in calories but packed with nutrients. It was a go-to choice of an evening when you want something sweet, or as a replacement for your evening meal.

How did I get on?

I am no stranger to having meal replacement shakes, but honestly, these were some of the tastiest that I have tried. The breakfast shake was really tasty with an oaty flavour, like a bowl of porridge. The strawberry protein shake was also tasty, with a thick oatiness about it as well. I enjoyed the HotSlim chocolate drink too, as it was nice to have a warm option. Kind of like a hot chocolate but not as bad for me! They were easy to fit into my lifestyle, because until recently, I was rushed off my feet with work and just general mum life.

As for the results, using the 14-day plan, replacing two meals a day, I lost seven pounds!

I have been really pleased with that, and it has motivated me to carry on, and to keep exercising, even under quarantine. It was the boost that I needed to get started with losing some weight, and knowing that I was doing so without eating a load of artificial junk was great. 

The 14-day meal replacement bundle costs £39.99 at the moment, which I think is amazing value for money (making it £20 per week). It works, there is no denying that, and their reviews online are great too. I would recommend this if you’re looking to give your weight loss a boost, or want to maintain your weight and boost your protein intake post-workout.

Have you ever heard of Nutribuddy before? It would be great to hear what you think.

Disclaimer: Nutribuddy sent me a 14-day supply of their meal replacement shakes in return for being featured in this blog post. I have been compensated for my time. All opinions remain my own.

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