One month already…

I can’t believe how time is flying! The blog title says one month, but Max will actually be 6 weeks, this week! And we know what that means – I can drive and exercise again – wahoo!

Max is such a joy…

~ He is so smiley (particularly in the morning)
~ He is a great sleeper – he only wakes up at night for a feed and then goes straight back to sleep, so we are very lucky!
~ He is growing, growing and growing
~ He is a good at feeding (sometimes a little too good as he wants to eat and eat and eat)
~ He is making all sorts of cute noises, particularly when we talk to him and have our morning sing time
~ He has lots of hair around the back of his head (but not much on top)!
~ He has a really strong kick and is pretty good at holding his head already
~ He loves bright colours and is mesmerized watching our TV when something like Frozen Planet is on
~ He takes a dummy!
~ He likes to hold your finger really, really tight
~ He has such long fingers (def a piano player like daddy)
~ He has such lovely dark blue eyes
~ He makes the funniest faces when he sleeps

Max also got a new cousin at the end of December – little gorgeous George! We are excited for the adventures they will have growing up together.

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