The One Where We Plan a Family Holiday

I have made no secret of the fact that I am a massive fan of the sitcom, Friends. I love that now a whole new generation are able to watch in on Netflix and get to see all that it has to offer. It brings back many memories from watching it after school and at University, not to mention that I am legit unbeaten at the ‘Scene-It’ Friends trivia game.

And you know what, Friends has seen me through all sorts of times in my life. Love, loss, life, and travels. Which is why, when planning a family holiday, I have turned to those six characters to guide me. Because, you know, you have to ask yourself when planning a trip ‘what would Monica do?’ (she’s the most organised, obvs).

If We Were Planning a Skiing Trip

The hubs and I have been skiing before, but we have never taken the children. But being lovers of the snow, I think it would be such an amazing experience for them. Having looked through some of the Mark Warner ski resorts, I think that we’d be most excited about visiting the stunning location of Courmayeur in Italy.

First of all, talk about the dreamiest of locations; right at the foot of Mont Blanc in the Aosta Valley ski area.

It seems like a great location for families as it seems a little more relaxed than some of the resorts that you can come across that have a pretty raucous après-ski scene. Great snow, a terrain that is really varied, and some stunning views, even if the mountain is named after a pen*. Being popular with Italians at weekends, I like that it can be a little quieter than other resorts in the week, which is perfect for my little beginners.

How Friends Can Help

  • Thanks to Joey, I know all about layering up and keeping warm. Though the sun may be shining, it can get a little chilly out on the slopes, so layers upon layers are a must. Could I be wearing any more clothes?

  • Rachel, the babe of the group, taught me a lot of things, like how to not leave a guy at the alter, for one. But being a keen skier herself, I have learnt all the moves I need from her. Shoop, shoop, shoop, anyone?

  • Clear communication is key when skiing. Remember the one where Rachel was getting ready to go skiing (see above) but then after a miscommunication with Monica on how something was said, they locked themselves, and her flight tickets, out of the apartment? So now, I know, it is all about clear communication, not intonation.

  • Ross, oh Ross. There is so much to learn from him. First of all, unagi, being ready for anything. And when you’re travelling with kids, is pretty much the state of mind that you need to be in; constant unagi. Especially if they’re on the slopes for the first time.

If We Were Planning a Beach Trip

Perhaps a beach trip could be on the cards instead? If so, then out of the amazing Mark Warner sun holidays, I think it would have to be the island of Corsica. Ever since I heard it spoken about on Cars 2, I have wanted to go!

And with its dreamy location near Italy, it is actually a French island, so you get to enjoy the best of both. It seems like a fab location for a family trip because there is such a variety of things to do. From forests, woodland, beaches, and snow-capped peaks, there is something for everyone. My two love being outdoors, and love exploring or biking, so that would be a dream.

How Friends Can Help

  • Is there anything that they can not teach me? I am quite like Monica in more than just my killer organisational skills. But the hair, the frizzy hair, is another thing that we have in common. So when I go abroad and experience the humidity of a hot country, I now know that I could look just as good as she did. Probably just minus the shells.


  • I love to have fun on holiday, but you know, safety first. And if we came across any jellyfish, we would know just what to do thanks to Monica and Chandler. Thank goodness for a son that is happy to pee pretty much anywhere and on anything! You never know when a jellyfish sting might strike…


  • Being safe in the sun is of paramount importance too. So I get why some people might want to opt for a spray-tan, pre vay-cay. But if Ross can teach us anything in life, oh wise one, it is that you, well, shouldn’t get one. Even he couldn’t make those dodgy tan lines look good.

All in all, it is just important to know that Mark Warner Holidays…

they’ll be there for you…!

Are you a friends fan? What has it taught you over the years? Have you got a family holiday planned this year?

*Jokes – I ain’t that thick!

**This is my entry to the Mark Warner 2018 Ambassador competition. All words and opinions are my own**

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