How Online Learning Can Benefit Carers

If you are a carer for an elderly loved one, it’s not unusual to feel like you barely have any time for yourself. If you’re a carer who’s thinking of going back to school to earn a degree or further your education, you’re probably wondering whether or not it will be possible to fit your studies in around your caring responsibilities. Going to University and attending classes may not be possible when you have to be around for a dependent for the majority of your day. However, don’t be disheartened, as online study could be a great alternative option which allows you to study as a carer without giving up your duty.


Why Online Learning?

Online learning is becoming an increasingly popular option for students, and is offered by a range of reputable universities and colleges, such as The University of Arizona. Online degrees, such as a degree in public health online or even a Masters in Public Health online, offer much more flexibility than traditional classroom-based degrees and give you the option to choose when and where to study to make it much more convenient for yourself. This is often the perfect option for carers, especially if you’re hoping to study a degree which will help you become a better carer or even enable you to work in the health care industry in the future.

Cost of Online Learning

If you are living on a carer’s income, you may be worried about the cost of doing a degree. Studying can definitely be a financial drain, although for the majority of the time, the results are certainly worth the price. If you are hoping to study as a career, there may also be a range of grants, scholarships and more financial aid which you can apply for. Studying online is also often much cheaper than studying at a traditional school and comes with less associated costs, for example there is no need to pay transport costs to get to classes and you won’t have to relocate in order to be closer to campus. On top of that, many online courses, for example a Master of Public Health degree, will come with a huge range of resources such as online journals and books freely available to you, saving you further money.

Are Online Degrees Effective?

If you are considering studying online as a way of earning your degree whilst still being able to continue caring for an elderly loved one, you might be wondering whether or not this method of learning is as effective as attending a physical school. Over the years, online learning has gained increasing popularity amongst students, with many saying that it is an even better and much more effective learning experience as it’s easier to tailor it to fit your individual learning needs. The actual degree which you will receive is worth exactly the same as a degree from a traditional university, too.

Being a carer is a big responsibility, but there’s no need to neglect your education thanks to online learning!



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