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The children have been off school for nearly eight weeks now, which kind of blows my mind. If I had been told that we’d have longer than the summer holiday break with the children at home, and you couldn’t even go to the park, then I’d be sure that we’d never manage it. But we have, and that is something in and of itself. However, I do have some concerns when it comes to their homeschooling.

The children’s school has been brilliant with sending out packs of things for them to do, and giving us links to education YouTube videos, or things that can help my younger one with phonics, for example. All of that is well and good, but having two parents at home, one working more hours than normal, and me still having to get a few hours of work done each day, means that there isn’t the same time dedicated to be able to teach them like they’d get at school. Not to mention the very different levels that my two are at. I know school children around the country are all in the same situation, but it does leave me with concerns about their education.


Online tutoring isn’t something that is new, but having recently used the TuitionWorks platform, I have been very impressed with it all. Maths is a subject that I do want my children to do as well as they can in, just as it is so vital for life and for furthering education. At TuitionWorks, they have maths teachers that are fully registered UK teachers, which makes for a great online tutoring experience. I wondered if it would just be aimed at older children or those doing an eleven-plus exam, but they cover maths from key stage one (year one), right up to A-Level, which is amazing. With this range of experience, the tutors can help to keep them up to scratch, as was the aim with my son (aged 8), but they can help with specific things like passing entrance exams, as well as helping them to boost their grades, whatever their level.

First Trial Session

Obviously, it can take a little time working out where someone is at, but during the session it was obvious that he could tell how Max was doing and where his knowledge in maths lies, and vice-versa. The communication was clear and things went really well.

I was really impressed with the session that Max had. It wasn’t awkward, which I did think it might be; they do this all the time. The platform itself works well, as you log in, launch your booking, and then there are some options. You don;t need to download anything to make it work, you just login to a website. You can chat using the video, so you can both see and hear each other, but you can revert back to different screens where the tutor can write or draw something in order to teach a specific point, and likewise, the student can also write or draw on there, to give their answers, or show how they worked something out. I think that is a really great feature, so that the tutor really can help them with their maths as they’ll understand where they are at, and what teaching methods do or don’t work for the individual.

Another great feature is that every session is recorded and kept in their own account, which you just login to access. So if they are revising for something, they can log back in and watch the session all over again to give their knowledge a boost. Creating a personal and bespoke revision guide is something that really appeals to me, especially as my children get older and things like school entrance exams come into play.

Book a FREE maths assessment for your child and a free introductory session

If you want to see how your children are getting on with maths, or they have something specific that they need to work on, and homeschooling and a busy family life aren’t helping, then I’d really recommend getting a free maths assessment for your child and a follow-up introductory session with a maths tutor when you book online at

Have you heard of TuitionWorks before? It would be great to hear what you think – just make sure that you book yourself a free trial. I think that it is totally worth it.

*this is a paid advertorial, however, all opinions are my own, and I would only recommend something that I would pay for myself.

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