Organising and Styling My Blogging Corner

It seems like there is a day or month to celebrate nearly everything these days. But did you know that August is Happiness Happens Month? To be honest, though, I think it is a really lovely thing to celebrate. After all, what is greater than happiness?

After doing a little research, I have found out that Happiness Happens Month is dedicated to celebrating what makes you happy. The idea is based on the premise that happiness is unlimited and contagious and that sharing one’s happiness and can bring a lot of joy in other people’s lives. Even though Happiness Happens Month sounds silly, it does have a very important purpose to show us that those happy moments can happen one at a time and can have a real influence on us and those around us.

It got me thinking about my life and what makes me happy. One of the things that makes me happy is my work and also my workspace. I am a bit of a ‘Monica’ as I love to be organised and have things around the house ‘just so.’ So I thought I’d share my happy, and my love for my little blogging corner, along with some of my new things for my next from Pen Heaven.


All in all, the space can seem quite bare (as I don’t always use that space alone for blogging), but it has all of the important things that I need.

  • Scented Candle – I love a good scented candle in my life. So when I’m working, I like to have one with me (but lit, of course). I find the flame relaxing too so it helps me to get in the zone and get creative.
  • Motivational Quote – I know it sounds super cheesy, but having something to remind me to be awesome is really motivating. Blogging and copywriting can be a little monotonous sometimes. So having something to inspire is helpful for me as a creative.



Parker IM Fountain Pen – £25.50 ^

  • I am the ultimate list maker, so having a proper pen to make notes with is essential. I love having a paper calendar and a paper to-do list. I just think there is something satisfying about ticking something off a list. I will never be one of those people that uses the notes on my smartphone; not even sure why. Probably the same reason why I don’t want a Kindle or E-reader – I just like proper books.
    • The pen is in white, which is meant to thwart negative energy with its pure shade. It also offers a cool, clean and chic effect.


Worthy Shorty Pencil – £7 ^


Sorrento Leather Journal – £14.99 ^

  • As has been said, I love to write things down and make notes. I know a lot of bloggers that use online platforms or plugins to schedule posts and make a writing plan. But I just love being able to actually write things down and tick them off. Who is with me on that??
    • This stunning green leather personalised notebook was kindly gifted to me but I really love it. Green is the perfect colour to exude wealth and power. Green also benefits from grounding properties and healing powers that both help to promote a feeling of safety. So I think it is the best colour to go in a blogging corner; helps to feel powerful but gentle all at the same time.

What helps you to blog if you’re a blogger? Do you have a blogging nook? How about your workspace? Would love to help what helps to get your creative juices flowing; happiness happens!

Rebecca x

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