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Bathrooms often see a lot of traffic and due to their relatively yucky aspects we tend to pay less attention to them than the rest of our homes. The following tips will explain how you can organize your bathroom with greater success:

  • Medicine cabinet organizing

Making your medicine cabinet a safe haven for a lot of items you use on a regular basis means you will need to remove outdated medicine and either disposing of them or relocating them elsewhere. The way you can achieve a clean countertop is to make use of your medicine cabinet as much as you can. For the most part we use everyday grooming accessories a lot more than medicine, so having them close by but out of sight to avoid clutter is a much better idea. Make sure you keep items clearly labeled if you can under your sink or the linen closet. When you are in need of something you can simply slide the container for ease of access. Avoid moving the medicine to the kitchen, as this may completely ruin them.

  • Controlling hair products clutter

There are many hair products we use every single day in most cases that take up a whole lot of space. For a quick organization of your hair products, you should get a plastic tub where you can lay them down under the sink. Place the tub and consider its contents carefully. If you don’t need something, then maybe it’s time for it to go so you can have more free space in the bathroom.


  • Adding great towel storage

If the towel rack is simply not big enough for your family’s needs, then you will need to add more hooks to the bathroom walls. They are pretty easy to mount and will create more space for each member of your family so they can hang the towels. A simple solution that will also leave your floor dry and your counters clean.

  • Dealing with makeup

Drawers in your bathroom will tend to be a collection of many containers, which usually help organize things a bit. You could do better however, as using an expandable cosmetic drawer organizer is a great way of keeping your cosmetics under control. Different sized compartments will work for all manner of cosmetic needs, so you can keep things better organized that way. This will make storage a far easier task in the long run.

  • Checking out the shower caddy

It may be a great addition to any shower, but does it really get the job done for you? Perhaps it happens to be too big or too small for your particular needs and you need to professionally clean it once in a while? There are many options in terms of caddies, both from suction shelves to showerheads. If you don’t have more than enough room, you would do well to cut down on the toiletries to save up some space for better uses later down the line.


~ Thanks to Ella for the Guest Post!

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