Our Bank Holiday Weekend

I love being British.

One reason why? Bank Holidays.

Always a plus when you’re working to get an extra day off but when you’re a stay at home mum? It means that daddy gets to be around for one day more! We took the opportunity this past Bank Holiday, to take a trip north to see some of my family that are up there. After a bit of a nightmare journey heading north on the Friday (every man and his dog must have heard about Harrogate being the happiest place to live and wanted a piece), we were able to have lots of fun with family, eating out rather a lot, getting soaked through during a huge downpour and visiting Castle Howard; a place I’d never been to before, despite living in the area all my growing up life.

If you didn’t know, the Tour de France starts in Yorkshire in July and runs through where my parents live, Knaresborough. It was fun to see all the yellow bikes here, there and everywhere in preparation, as well as lots of French flags and bunting galore. What a special thing to see though, right?



The hubs and I even managed a date night on the Saturday to a Chinese restaurant and there was a dry spell in the weather to even manage a little walk by the river, to confirm to us that it really isn’t grim up north, at all.




Rebecca x

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