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For those of you that don’t know, I’m currently in Illinois, USA visiting my sister and her family and so of course, it timed with Halloween. Americans are always known for their extravagant Halloween celebrations, so I was pretty excited to see what Chicago had to offer.

First things first though. We started the day by making some cute ‘Witch & Wizard’ hat cookies with different flavour Oreo’s and Hershey Kisses. There are so many different kinds of Oreos over here it kind of blows my mind. We used frosting to ‘stick’ the cookie and kiss together. If you have more time (and patience) you could put some cute detail on the hat using icing and a piping bag.

Then we got the kids all dressed up and ready to get trick or treating with some of my nieces friends.

What I hadn’t realised (and still don’t totally get), is that loads of the kids had already gone trick or treating during the week. Apparently that is what happens over here. None of this, leaving it until the actual day, but spread it out over a week or so before the 31st October. I suppose it kind of makes sense (kind of), like Christmas carolling in the weeks leading up to Christmas…

But anyway, there weren’t tonnes of other kids out trick or treating but we went and hit up a few homes before having hot chocolate with some of my sister’s friends and their kids. I had lots of fun with my little kitten – how cute do you want to be?!

halloweeny4 halloweeny3halloweeny1


halloweeny7 halloweeny8

What did you all get up to for Halloween?

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  • I love the witches hat idea! I would love to see a Halloween in the states, it looks like a lot of fun. I have a few friends over there so watch with wonder at their Facebook photos! Funny about trick or treating through the week, I never knew that! Thanks for linking up x #sundaystars

  • Amazing! I’d love to visit the states for Halloween – it’s in a whole league of it’s own, isn’t it?!

    Love the costumes!


    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

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